2014 Easton S400 BBCOR Review

Today we are going to provide you with an Easton S400 BBCOR review, which is one of the best valued bats around. Replacing the popular Easton Typhoon, the 2014 S400 BB14S400 is believed to have just as much success, if not more than its predecessor. The S400 is not only popular in the BBCOR world, but is used quite a bit in slow pitch, youth and senior leagues. For years the Typhoon (and now the S400) has been known as a bat that provides a great amount of pop at a consistently low price. For all non-competitive players, this is a perfect bat. It’s not easy to find a high quality BBCOR bat for under $100, let alone have it be made by Easton. Players who are in a little more competitive leagues may look at the advanced models, but for most people the 2014 Easton BB14S400 baseball bat will be all you will need.

S400 BBCOR: Top Features

As we mentioned earlier, the S400 BB14S400 is perfect for both new and recreational players. Where some models only contain older player sizes, you can find this bat from 29 inches all the way to 35 inches. This is perfect especially for beginner players who may eventually outgrow their swing. Some of the other major features included in the 2014 version include:

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  • Less expensive than most
  • Comfortable cushion grip


  • High performance barrel – Easton has made the S400 using a 7046 alloy. Although there are better alloys around that provide more durability and pop, getting an alloy like this on a $60 BBCOR bat is quite substantial.
  • Faster Swings speeds – To create a faster swing speed, many bats will lower the bat weight. In order to comply with BBCOR standards, the BB14S400 has been designed with carefully placed areas along the barrel to achieve BBCOR requirements. Identifying key areas has allowed this bat to result in quick swing speeds while still maintaining all required standards.
  • Comfortable handle – Layered with cushioned grip all throughout the handle, this bat provides hitters with a nice comfortable swing each and every time.

Sizes available: 29 in/26 oz, 30 in/27 oz, 31 in/28 oz, 32 in/29 oz, 33 in/30 oz, 34 in/31 oz, and 35 in/32 oz

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Our final thoughts

For numerous years, this bat has been one of the most often purchased bats for softball, youth and senior league players. Now with a new BBCOR version, you can enjoy and see what this great bat has to offer. With a good amount of power and a nice comfortable swing, a hitter can’t go wrong spending $60 for the 2014 Easton S400.

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