Gurus Baseball: A Brief History

Gurus Baseball was established in 2015 by former professional players

Private lessons, team training, camps and the catching combine have all enabled Gurus to help hundreds of players excel at the high school level.

Even more, over 50 Gurus graduates have gone on play at the university level with several of those signing professional contracts with MLB clubs.

What Does It Mean To Train With Gurus Baseball?

Specialized Training: Each Gurus coach specializes in certain positions and disciplines, such as fielding, hitting, pitching, and catching.

Expert Knowledge: The Gurus coaching staff has extensive baseball experience and complete a comprehensive coaches training.

Catching Combine: This Combine is an exclusive program that focuses on the unique needs of a catcher. The lessons are multi-dimensional, including workouts and drills to prepare the player for the physical demands of catching.

Repetition: The Gurus’ program promotes mastery of the required skills and physical preparation for the game. This comprehensive approach allows the player to advance in technique, speed, performance, and strength.

Curriculum: The Gurus baseball program has developed a proven training regimen that focuses on fundamentals and advanced disciplines. This curriculum incorporates the important aspects of both the physical and mental game of baseball. IQURUS are written assignments to reinforce the player’s situational knowledge.

Measureable Results: Every player is evaluated on strength, aptitude, coachability, field competency, accuracy, and speed. These disciplines are monitored and recorded through baseline, mid-term, and final reports.

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Our Coaches

Hi, my name is Coach Pat, and I am the humble founder of Softball Training at GurusBaseball.com. I say “humble” because as I write this About page, I still have a whole heck of a lot to learn about the sport of softball.

Three months ago (I’m writing this at Thanksgiving 2016), I did something absolutely crazy… I volunteered to coach my daughter’s softball team next season. And not just to be any coach, but the head coach! So in 2017 I’m going to be the head coach of my daughter’s 12 and under softball team.

I have supported my daughter’s softball pursuits and her teams over the last few years, and I know the basics of the game. But I’ve never considered how to coach a team and get my players better at softball before. So this is all new to me.

But as a system’s guy and an engineer (my day job is as a mechanical engineer for a mid-western manufacturing company), I am determined to figure out how to coach a softball team and get Better At Softball.

I created this Softball training to serve as a repository for everything I learn about softball. I’m going to use this site as a place to share all the softball drills I learn, and also to share all the practice plans I create. I want this to be a place where people go to get Better At Softball.

Whether you are a softball coach, a youth softball player, or an adult recreational player, I want Better At Softball to be a place where you can learn softball drills, softball practice plans, softball strategies and techniques, and just generally a place you can go to get BETTER AT SOFTBALL!

See you around,

Coach Pat

Hi, My name is Coach Luke. I have never been a good baseball player but that doesn’t necessarily mean my dedication to baseball was incomplete or my devotion to this sport was less than any other baseball stars. I have always loved this game since I was a little kid. I used to go to the game with my parents. I can remember my father singing the great song:

“Saturdays on the baseball field
And me afraid of the ball
Just another kid on Camera Day
When the Angels still played in L.A.
I was smiling in living black and white….”


And my mother would join her in the chorus. Possibly my love affair with baseball came from my parents as the old proverb says “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree“.


My parents enjoyed the game and my mother used to take me with her to the game when I was in her womb. My best birthday presents were always something related to baseball and my father used to apply this trick to make me feel happy.

When I was young in the 90s, I used to attend most of the games held in my hometown. I have read many articles about baseball. I made a notable collection of baseball books, magazines and posters.

I barely missed enjoying Major League Baseball on the TV as some of the great baseball legends appeared at this time. My parents never hold me back from doing so even when my exams were going on.

My affair with baseball has never changed. Though I remain engaged with livelihood and sometimes pass very busy time, I don’t forget to check the latest news on baseball.

Recently the idea of blogging on baseball came to me as a gift from my other half. She actually insisted me to give it a try saying “why don’t you right on baseball if you love it so much?” Why not? At least, I can give it a try.

But what I would write? I am not a legendary baseball player that people would read my writing. Neither I can provide tricks and tips on the game like many famous coaches do.“Wright whatever comes to your mind. Write however you feel the game. Write how much you love the game.” That was my inspiration and here the Bat Level is the result.

So my writing on Baseball started with Bat Level. Here it has been tried to bring up all the necessary tricks and tips on baseball that I have learned reading many valuable pieces of articles, watching games and by taking interviews.

I have tried to combine all the fundamentals of baseball in this blog so that it could be a bible of baseball. Kids and young get benefitted from this blog. I have tried to concentrate on all aspects of baseball and still it’s in a process of development.

Gurus Baseball includes guidelines on physical exercise, batting, pitching, and fielding. GB also comprises some exclusive reviews on baseball and softball. Here you will also find elaborate product review on some latest BBCOR bats that are currently popular in the community.

Gurus Baseball is still under development and more useful contents are being added regularly according to the importance and by the demand of the readers.

Hopefully, you will enjoy reading this blog and any suggestions to make this blog more useful are always welcome. Please feel free to contact if you have any suggestions regarding Bat Level or have any questions. I would like to hear from you. You can contact me at here or connect to me via twitter and facebook. Thank you so much for your time.