Akadema Prodigy Youth glove review

The final glove we look at is the Akadema Prodigy Series youth baseball glove which is the one we feel provides the most versatility. This page is focused on our review of the Prodigy Series ATM92 and aims to show you the top features the glove includes. We hope that this will ultimately help decide if this is the best glove for you this season. The Akadema company has been coming on strong lately in both baseball and softball worlds as they keep making higher quality and innovative products. With precise details includes aimed at player performance it is no surprise that Akadema is growing each and every year in popularity.

Features of the Akadema Prodigy

Akadema Prodigy


As we mentioned earlier, we feel the Akadema Prodigy Series offers younger players a great amount of versatility. Some of the main features include:

  • Can be used at all positions: One of the key component of the Prodigy Series is its ability to be used at any position around the field. Whether you play 1st base, infield, outfield, or pitcher, this 11.5 inch glove will be perfect especially if you play at a non-competitive or beginner level.
  • Better fit – To give the Prodigy Series more stability and comfort, a smaller hand opening and thinner finger stalls have been added. This provides younger players with more control allowing them to feel better on the defensive side of the ball.
  • Quick break-in – The back of the Prodigy Series is made with what Akadema calls “AkademaLyte” leather. This leather provides the youth sized glove with a lighter weight while at the same time allowing it to be quicker and easier to break in than ever before.
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For newer players, or people playing in non-competitive leagues, the Akadema Prodigy Series is all you will ever need. With a low price tag and a high quality construction, the glove offers the younger player incredible value. However, if you play at more competitive levels you may want to check out a couple of different models as well that have a bit more advanced features.

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