All You Need To Know About Baseball and Softball Cleats

As the game of baseball and softball has increased in popularity, the development of baseball softball cleats has also developed to address the specific needs of players of this sport.

In the beginnings of the game, players would use cleats designed for other sports as softball cleats were not manufactured yet. These football and soccer cleats may have worked to an extent, but current softball cleats are much more effective as they deal with the many conditions found in only the game of softball.

The two main types of slowpitch and fastpitch softball cleats are dependent on the type of spikes used on the soles of the shoes. Both rubber and metal softball cleats have certain benefits for players. The rubber spikes are generally less expensive shoes and are great for both training and actual softball matches. Those cleats with metal spikes are mainly used for game situations and can be more expensive than the rubber versions.

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However, softball players report that the metal spikes provide a higher level of traction and support for the foot. In addition, these types of girls and mens softball cleats may have better resistance to typical wear and tear. The rubber spikes of some shoes can be eroded away by general use whereas the metal spikes can be replaced, thus extending the life of the shoe. Girls softball cleats are usually somewhat narrower than mens softball cleats as to better fit the feet of women players of the game.

More superior pairs of softball cleats have other features that can improve the performance of a player. A good pair will feature a leather upper that fits better than synthetic materials. Also, a removable insole may be part of the package to add to a player’s comfort. Another feature of many good softball cleats will be some sort of mesh that allows ventilation of the feet and prevents sweat buildup within the shoe. These linings may also have a layer of anti-microbial material that inhibits the development of fungus and bacteria that thrive in warm and wet conditions such as the inside of a player’s shoe.

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As with any piece of equipment, a player should evaluate several pairs of mens or girls softball cleats to determine which pair will provide the best features and fit on an individual basis. With more and more players being introduced to softball, cleat manufacturers will come up with more features that allow athletes to play the game at their peak potential. From the days when players used any type of shoes that worked, modern baseball softball cleats have evolved to meet the demands of the game’s players.

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