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The Comparison between Hybrid, Composite and Wood Bats

There are large varieties of baseball and softball (both slowpitch and fastpitch) bats available in the market. These bats come in different shapes, sizes and materials. If you are deciding upon buying a bat for yourself then here is some useful information regarding the 3 different kinds of bats sold out there. Whether you are choosing a baseball or a softball …

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Softball Hitting: Pepper Game

Help Batters Develop Control and Swing Speed With This Hitting Drill Batting requires good attention to detail, control, accuracy, power and speed. It also requires being able to maintain the velocity, angle and degree of a bat swing. While it’s essential to reinforce good outfield and pitching practices, it’s just as important to ensure your …

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How to Make a Baseball Bat

Wood construction is the hallmark of classic baseball bats. And despite the availability of many other materials such as aluminum and alloy, wood bats continue to be the primary choice of top league players. You can make a wooden bat at your home with a set of standard tools. Before you do so, you must …

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