BASEBALL DRILL – The Turn at Second



DRILL TYPE:  Baserunning


PURPOSE: This drill is designed to teach the player to make a turn at 2nd and pick up the 3rd base coach.




PLAYERS:  Any number of players


TIME: 10 minutes




  1. Set your players behind a cone just to the right of 1st base.
  2. One player at a time takes a turn starting at 1st base.
  3. On command, the player will run from 1st to 3rd making a turn at second.  Coach starts timer on go command.
  4. Player runs hard toward 2nd, making a turn and finishing at 3rd.
  5. Coach stops timer when player reaches 3rd base.
  6. Repeat until all players have a turn.
  7. Record timing results as you go.




  • Coach aggressive base running.
  • Ensure the players do not slow down when making the turn at second.
  • Coach them to pick up the 3rd base coach just before making the turn at second to get in the habit of knowing whether to go or stay at 2nd.  This is especially needed if the ball is hit behind the runner and he cannot see where the ball is.
  • Ensure the players run hard all the way to 3rd base breaking down with chop steps just before the base and coming to a stop on top of the base.  They cannot carry too much momentum to the base which could make them run through and off the base.  The chop step breakdown will still allow for full speed running but will slow the player just enough to stop on top of the base.
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