Baserunning: Making the turn at first and getting to second

Teach your players to develop a “get to second” mindset when the ball is hit to the outfield regardless of where it’s hit. They should be thinking second base on base hits, fly outs and when the defense makes an error. You never know when an outfielder will bobble the ball or make a slow play on it giving the runner time to take the extra base. One thing is for sure if the runner isn’t thinking second base you can be assured they will not be in a position to take it should the defense make an error.

Well coached teams teach their players to think about taking an extra base and this applies not just going to second but also when players are going from first to second, thinking third and going from second to third, thinking home.

Tomorrows post will walk you through the actual fundamentals of making the turn at first and will include good coaching points for you to use with your players.

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Until then, may all your baseball dreams come true.

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