Best BBCOR Baseball Bats for Power Hitters: The Definitive Guide

Selecting the BBCOR bats is constantly the priority of baseball players. They put in a lot of effort to get only the best bats available in the market.To help those zealous baseball players out there I have done an excellent research and put together this informative and detailed buying guide.This article has all the essential things you require to be familiar with before buying the best BBCOR bats for power hitters.

Batting is often cited as one of the most difficult in sports since it consists of hitting a small rounded ball running at a very high speed. Because of this, you should choose the best bat for you to succeed in this game; otherwise, you will fail and possibly get injuries during the match.

Starting from the bat materials, length, nature of the barrel, the weight of the bat to the grip of the handles, the bat is so selected that these considerations are put in mind for an excellent result to be achieved. When you find the right bat for your game, you will not only enjoy playing baseball, but you will also as well find the game easier to play as you will not get exhausted quickly.

Things to Consider

You cannot just walk to the market and purchase a Bat simply because it pleases your eyes or because you friend has one. There are various key factors to consider when buying a baseball bat for your kids.

According to my analysis, the most important factors that you should remember include material, length, and weight and BBCOR certification of the bat. The following are just but a few simple guidelines I found helpful:

Bat Material

The material used to make the bat should be lighter in weight, easier to swing and hard to break and be able to produce more power.BBCOR bats are made of Aluminum, alloy, composite or hybrid. Each of these materials has their significant features.

  • Alloy bats are not expensive, and they are compatible with all kinds of temperature. However, they have a small sweet spot and unfriendly handle which carries a lot of sting from mishit shots.
  • Aluminum Bats are made from alloy mixture of aluminum and other materials. They offer all the pros and cons of alloy bats.
  • Composite bats are the most expensive of all. They have a large sweet spot and have a high durability over time. However, they cannot be used in colder temperatures when they are new.
  • Hybrid Bats have composite handles and aluminum barrel. They are suited for all temperatures. They also have a large sweet spot but not as large as composite bats.

BBCOR Certified

It stands for Battled Ball Coefficient of Restitution. The Bat you buy for your kid must be stamped with the logo of BBCOR.This ensures that it has met all the approved requirements which include length, barrel size, and knob.

It is advisable to confirm with your coach before buying the product. It is advisable always to make sure you check for this mark before purchase.This certification is necessary for all the bats used in high school and university games.

BBCOR bats feature a maximum barrel diameter of 2 5/8 inch, weight drop of 3 and must have a trampoline effect that is qualified by a BBCOR stamp on the bat.

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Length of the Bat

The size of the bat takes into consideration the child’s age, height, and weight. It is evident that a very long bat cannot be used by a shorter person (kid). Therefore, it is always advisable to take your child’s measurement of height and weight and use a sizing chart to know accurately the right length to purchase.

Length to Weight Ratio (Drop)

All BBCOR bats have the length-to-weight ratio of (-3). This means that the weight of a BBCOR bat in ounces is exactly 3 ounces less than the length of the bat in inches. Therefore, if your bat has a length of 33″, its weight will be 30 ounces.

Other Considerations

  • The weight of the bat; a heavier one sends the ball further but can slow the swing speed and hitting power
  • Consider handles and grips
  • Barrel Diameter

Best bbcor baseball bats for power hitters

If you are searching for the best BBCOR bats for power hitters, then look no further than these five Bats described below. Consider them as a great purchase and you will enjoy batting.

1. Louisville Slugger Prime 916 Bbcor Baseball Bat

Editor Rating:

Louisville Slugger 2016 Prime 916bat is manufactured using Fused Carbon Structure and makes use of the Flex Bend technology.

In layman’s term, it is very solid and offers the maximum trampoline effect allowed under BBCOR regulation. The following are some of the features:

Larger Barrel

The 2 5/8-inch barrel diameter of the bat has a thinner wall with a composite disc underneath. It, therefore, has a reduced weight and greater swiftness giving it a large sweet spot.The barrel walls are thin, and the swing weight is as low as possible making the sweet spot bigger.

Satisfying pop Sound and Grip

Louisville Slugger 2016 Prime 916 has a massive sweet spot as well as a satisfying pop sound on the right hits.The sting on the handle is nearly non-existent thanks to the Lizard Skins grip for enhanced softness and tackiness.

Light Weight

This Bat has light weight. This is a great choice for power hitters and players looking for lightweight bats with the best performance. Lightweight increases swing speed as the player will not be fatigued when hitting the ball.

He/she will not have to use more force to lift the bat while hitting the ball. In addition to this, it results in more hitting power and thus the overall efficiency of the player is substantially increased.

BBCOR Certified

Louisville Slugger 2016 Prime baseball bat is BBCOR certified so that it can be used in high school and collegiate matches.

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2. DeMarini 2014 VooDoo OverLord WTDXVDR Big Barrel Baseball Bat

Editor Rating:

Composite Handle

It is made from a specially manufactured composite material. It is, therefore, durable. It has a solid feel on contact with the bat and the right amount of power to send the ball tumbling over huge distances.

Large barrel

DeMarini 2014 VooDoo OverLord WTDXVDR has 2 5/8 inch barrel. The large barrel gives it the ability to have a large sweet spot without any added weight.


DeMarini 2014 VooDoo OverLord WTDXVDR Big comes in different colors. The variety of colors gives you the opportunity to choose the one that best pleases you.

As you are aware, some people get annoyed or reminded of a bad thing when they see some colors. Therefore, DeMarini 2014 VooDoo OverLord WTDXVDR is a unique bat that will give you a variety to choose from.


DeMarini 2014 VooDoo OverLord WTDXVDR is such an excellent product. It comes with three months, limited warranty.If you don’t feel the product features or if it does not prove to be what you wanted, you are given three months to test and return provided you meet terms and conditions of the supplier.

BBCOR Certified

This bat is BBCOR approved and therefore can be used in school and college matches. Feel free to get this bat for your young player.

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3. Easton 2014 MAKO BB14MK Baseball Bat

Editor Rating:

Easton 2014 MAKO BB14MKbaseball bat is a marvelous bat. It has a drop 3and does not feel heavy.

This bat has a nice quick swing when it is swung and still has a lot of power. It is a combination of the S1 and the XL1.

Both speed and power are high, and it lives up to its expectations. Overall, this is a great baseball bat with the following features:

Massive Barrel

This bat is very light in weight, and it is also made with a massive barrel. This gives youth baseball players the chance to swing this bat and strike exceptionally powerful hits on the pitch.The bat has a 2 5/8-inch barrel and a 31/32 composite handle. These particulars mean that this bat has a huge sweet spot.

ConneXion Technology

This feature maximizes transfer and eliminates vibrations. With the use of a cutting-edge material in its manufacture, the bat is remarkably lightweight. It has a weight drop of -3, a length of 34″ and weights at a mere 31 ounces. The weight and barrel size of this bat are so perfectly balanced that it offers the maximum power and speed.

BBCOR Certified

Easton 2014 MAKO BB14MKbaseball bat is BBCOR certified so that it can be used in high school and collegiate matches. This bat also comes with 12 months warranty, and it costs on $315.97 with free shipping.

High-Performance Diamond Grip

Another remarkable part of Easton 2014 MAKO BB14MKbaseball bat is that it has a performance diamond grip, which lets the players handle this swift bat with a solid grip. For high school and college student players looking for a bat that will suddenly take their performance to its best, then this bat is just the right choice them.

TCT Thermo Composite Technology

This feature ensures Massive Sweet Spot and Unmatched Bat Speed compared to other bats available for purchase.

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4. DeMarini Vexxum -3 BBCOR Baseball Bat

Editor Rating:

DeMarini Vexxum is a unique bat constructed with an X10 Alloy and has a long barrel joined to the Composite handle.

The bat provides the largest possible hitting surface, has mad pop and still maintains a light swing weight.

It incorporates some cutting-edge features which make it a reliable choice for high school and college players. Some of its features are:

X10 Alloy Materials

This bat is durable, and it is made of the strongest metals: X10 Alloy. X10 Alloy was designed with a proprietary blend of alloy agents creating aluminum with the most optimal strength possible. This feature makes it durable over time and compatible with all types of temperature.

C6 Composite

It is made of carbon composite (C6). This fully carbon composite has a visibly wider weave pattern, giving it more flex than other designs in the market.This brings about a trampoline effect when the ball makes contact with the bat- jumping off the barrel making a large sweet spot.

Large Barrel

Its design of large barrel enlarges its sweet spot and makes it a better bat compared to others with small sweet spots.

BBCOR Approved

This bat is BBCOR approved. It has the BBCOR stamped on it. The bat is, therefore, legal to be used in BBCOR approved leagues.


DeMarini Vexxum is reasonably priced. Its price  is, pocket-friendly.

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5. Axe Bat 2012 L180 Maple Composite BBCOR (-3)

Editor Rating:

This bat was introduced in 2012 and gives players a nice time in the field. The Axe handle is hailed as a breakthrough by players and coaches from youth leagues to the pros.

It is designed based on the shape of an axe handle; the patented Axe handle giving you an ergonomic fit that delivers better performance and comfort.

Patented Axe-like Handle

It has an axe like handle which is designed to offer comfort and minimize fatigue. It fits in the hands of the player correctly thus giving better performance. It, therefore, provides better swing leverage, control, and freedom through release than the traditional rounded knob.

BBCOR and Scientifically Certified

This bat is approved by the BBCOR certification and therefore suitable for use in high school and college matches. It is also scientifically proved to be to reduce the risk of injury and provide more comfort to the hitter.

Maple Hardwood Laminate

This bat is made of Maple Hardwood with a cupped end for great balance and durability

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Final Word

As I finalize, for one to get a more evenly spread out trampoline effect, you need a larger sweet spot which is only provided by BBCOR bats and thus gives you a higher chance of hitting better. T

hese bats are durable and long-lasting. This means that they do not break easily. I hope that by now you have a wide knowledge about the Best BBCOR bats for power hitters  and that you will use all the helpful information provided in here to purchase the best bats for yourself and your kids.

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