Best High School Baseball Bats: The Definitive Guide

Buying a high school baseball bat may not seem like a big deal to most people, but it is. Baseball bats can be an expensive purchase for many families and students, and the specifications of the bat can affect the player’s game in a positive or negative way.

Luckily, there is more information out there than ever on what you should be looking for when buying a new bat. This article will review five popular bats and give you some insight into what you should be looking for when making your purchase.

Things to Consider


The weight of the bat is vital when considering variables like swing speed and power. A heavy bat will be able to send the ball further, but it might also mean a slower swing. A lighter bat, on the other hand, typically means a faster swing speed, but it might not send the ball as far.

When considering a bat for purchase you actually need to determine the appropriate relationship between power and swing speed. Typically this is also dependent on the muscle mass of the player.


The length of the bat typically depends on the player’s height, weight, and age. But there are some variations within this correlation too. A longer bat may be better for players with more strength because they will have more reach.

On the other hand, a shorter bat means more control, as a bat can be unwieldy if it is too long. There are many helpful charts that suggest lengths of bats depending on the size of the player. However, make sure to take these suggestions with a grain of salt.

Every player requires a different specification, and going directly off of preconstructed charts can lead you to buy a bat that is not suitable for the job.


The size of the barrel of the bat relies massively on the player’s accuracy when hitting. A larger barrel means a larger surface area this indicates that the player will have a better chance of hitting balls that come in.

It also means that the force is dispersed out across the larger surface area of the bat, and that results in less power behind the hit. A smaller barrel means more power and increased swing speed, but it might decrease accuracy.

Strength and muscle mass are again important when deciding on the appropriate barrel size, so make sure to choose the bat that feels right to you.

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There are several things to consider about grips and handles on bats. Thicker handles will absorb more shock when making contact with the ball, and it can increase general stability of the bat.

A thinner grip, on the other hand, also the player more speed with the bat as it allows them to move their hands faster. Grips can also vary in feel. Getting your hands on the bat is particularly important for grip so that you can make sure you are comfortable with the feeling of the bat in your hands.

While you will likely have a batting glove, it’s still important to know what the bat will feel like in your hands and as you swing in case of any discomfort.

Other Considerations

  • Drops – This is the ratio of length to weight. It’s important to consider both together and not only separately.
  • Bat Legality – Individual leagues may have specifications for what is and is not allowed.
  • Wood or Metal? – This question is typically not significant in high school, but some high school players may want to move to wood bats if they are allowed.
  • Personal Comfort – This depends entirely on the player.
  • Price – Bat prices can range significantly, and some of the higher end bats can be within the $500 range.
  • Durability – You want to be sure that your bat will last you for a good amount of time. Don’t invest in a bat that will break down after a couple of games.

Best High School Baseball Bat

1. Easton S500 BB14S500 BBCOR Baseball Bat

Editor Rating:

This bat’s weight ranges from 28 oz to 31 oz and the handle ranges from 31 to 32 inches.

The barrel’s diameter is 2- ⅝ inches. The aircraft alloy means that this bat is relatively light and has a fast swing speed.

While using this bat, you will not likely notice much shock or sting at all as the bat does a good job absorb that during the hit. Furthermore, the “sweet spot” of the bat allows for strong contact and causes the ball to travel further when contact is made at this spot. Importantly, too, this bat does not feel very heavy for a bat of its size.

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This has benefits and drawbacks, but it is a good bat at a reasonable price that can be very effective once the player is comfortable with it.

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2. DeMarini 2014 CF6 WTDXCFC BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat (-10)

Editor Rating:

The biggest advantage of this bat is the way it absorbs shock from hits. Players using this bat will likely feel very little shock, and often will not experience any shock at all.

This is partially because of a quality grip that and a carbon reinforced handle.

The biggest advantage of this bat is the way it absorbs shock from hits. Players using this bat will likely feel very little shock, and often players will not experience any shock at all.

This is partially because of a quality grip that and a carbon reinforced handle.This has the added benefit of creating a larger “sweet spot.” Players will find that they are able to transfer more power into the ball because they are not losing any from impact shock.

This means more pop, balls traveling further, and more power in each hit. The bat also comes with a warranty, so you do not need to worry about durability with this product. The bat can seem a bit heavier, but players with more muscle mass will likely not notice much of a difference between this bat and other comparable ones.

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3. DeMarini 2015 CF7 BBCOR Baseball Bat (-10)

Editor Rating:

This bat has great balance. Some bats have a construction that makes it feel particularly heavy on the end, while other bats suffer from a heavy handle.

This bat has a specially fused handle and barrel that means that the weight of the bat is pretty evenly distributed, and this gives it a great feel.

Also, because of this specially fused handle, vibration is basically nonexistent. This means more pop and balls traveling further. The composite barrel and even distribution can make this bat feel light, but that also means faster swing speeds over bats of the same weight. This bat is one of the more expensive bats on this list, but the balanced qualities of it make it worth the price if you can afford it.

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4. Louisville Slugger BBCOR Omaha Baseball Bat

Editor Rating:

This bat is definitely meant for power hitters. The speciality alloy of the bat means that Louisville Slugger can boast that this bat has the largest “sweet spot” of comparable bats.

Players using this bat will also find that it is extremely durable.

It is not uncommon for players to include in reviews of this bat that they have continued using it for multiple seasons without even having to change the bat tape.

The grip can seem soft to some players, but the preference for soft or firm grips depends largely on the individual player. The bat might seem heavy, but power hitters will find that it feels very balanced, and that they are able to transfer their power to the ball like they want to.

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5. Easton 2014 S400 SL14S400 Baseball Bat (-8)

Editor Rating:

This bat is a better option for those valuing speed and handling. The bat is lighter than others, and it can seem very agile.

This makes it a good choice for smaller players that are looking for an easy swing and fast swing speed.

The bat is also fairly durable, though some players complain about paint wear on the base of the handle. The lower weight, importantly, does not decrease the size of the “sweet spot” on this bat either.

You can be assured that this bat will give you the pop you are looking for out of a bat this size. Also, this is an excellent value for a player that is not looking to spend too much on their bat.

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Final Word

Ultimately, all of these bats will get the job done. They will all perform well, and they are some of the best bats on the market. Each bat offers something to different players. The Easton 2014 S400 (-8) is probably the best option for smaller players looking for speed.

The Louisville Slugger is likely the best option for the heaviest hitter on your team. All of the bats, though, promise great control and help you transfer the power into the ball so that you get the best hit you can.

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