Best Metal Baseball Bats: The Definitive Guide

A baseball bat is a smooth metal or wooden club used in baseball sports to hit the ball after it is thrown by the pitcher. Batting is often cited as one of the most difficult in sports since it consists of hitting a small rounded ball running at a very high speed. Because of this, you need to get the best bat for you to succeed in this game.

Otherwise, you will fail and possibly get injuries during the match. Starting from the bat materials, length, nature of the barrel, weight of the bat to the grip of the handles, the bat is so selected that these considerations are put in mind for an excellent result to be achieved.

When you find the right bat for your game, you will not only enjoy playing baseball but you will also as well find the game easier to play as you will not get exhausted quickly.

Things to Consider

There are various key factors to consider when purchasing a baseball bat for your kids. The following are just but a few simple guidelines I found helpful when I went to buy a baseball bat for my 10 year old nephew.

Bat Material

The material use to make the bat should be lighter in weight, easier to swing and hard to break and be able to produce more power. Therefore you can decide to choose wood or metal depending on what qualities you want and of course the size of your pocket will also matter a lot.

The Bat Must be Legal for Play

The Bat you buy for your kid must be stamped with the logo of official supplier. This ensures that it has met all the approved requirements which include length, barrel size and knob.

It is appropriate to check with your coach before buying the product. Since almost universally youth bats are governed by the 1.15 BPF (Bat Performance Factor), it is advisable to always make sure you check for this mark before purchase.

Length of the Bat

The size of the bat takes into consideration the child’s age, height and weight. It is obvious that a very long bat cannot be used by a shorter person (kid). Therefore it is always advisable to take your child’s measurement of height and weight and use a sizing chart to accurately know the right length to purchase.

Size Barrel Diameter

Barrel is the hitting area of the bat. If your kid has more muscles and swing a bat fast but need tips on playing perfectly, then choose a barrel with a larger diameter. However, if he/she makes good contact but cannot hit the ball very far then select a smaller barrel which will increase his swing speed and hitting power.

Other Considerations

Recommended Best Metal Baseball Bats

If you are looking for the best bats, then look no further than these five Bats described below. Consider them as a great purchase and you will enjoy batting.

1. Louisville Slugger YBAR152 Baseball Bat

Editor Rating:

Batting has never been this interesting when you have Louisville Slugger YBAR152 Youth 2015 Armor (-12) Baseball Bat. It costs between $40.46 and $ 134.98 depending on the length and size of the barrel.

This bat seems like a good solid one with a slightly higher grade of aluminum than most entry level bat I have bought before. My nephew has use for several weeks now and no dents so far.

Bat Performance Factor (BPF)

This Baseball Bat is USSSA 1.15 BPF certified. According to laws and regulations of bat design, this model meets all the requirements since it is 1.15 BPF certified and stamped as well.

Aluminum Alloy 7050

The bat is made of aluminum alloy also called 7050.Since these materials of the alloy are light and durable, the end product which is the bat must also be light in weight and durable. Thus it is among the best in the market.

2 1/4″ Barrel Diameter

The bigger diameter makes it more suitable when playing since swing speed and hitting power is high and the bat is beautifully balanced.

Tapered Handle and Grip

It has 7/8″ tapered handled. It tapers by going from a wide barrel at the top to a thinner handle at the bottom. The thinner handle helps player to move their hands quicker. The tapered handle prevents slipping of the bat out of hand during play on hard swings. This is an important safety precaution to prevent players from injury.

Length to weight ratio (Drop)

The length to weight ratio of this product is minus 12 ounce. According to the match table this, Drop is suitable for persons under 7 years of age. Therefore when you are planning to purchase a bat for a kid less than seven year of age then Louisville Slugger YBAR152 Youth 2015 Armor (-12) Baseball Bat is the better option.

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2. Easton 2014 S500 SL14S500 Baseball Bat

Editor Rating:

If you have not yet decided on which bat to go for then try Easton 2014 S500 SL14S500 Baseball Bat (-9) or (-5)for your kid. It is equally good as the above one.

However it is engineered with 7050 Aircraft alloy which gives the hitter a light swing weight and maintaining a great sweet spot for optimal performance at any level of play. Some of its features include:

Durable Material

The Bat is made of Aluminum 7050 Aircraft alloy. This offers fast swing speed. Being a lighter material, the bat is equally light and offers a lot of flexibility when batting.

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Unique Hand and Grip

Its hand is ultra-thin with 29/32″ in diameter. This thinness is an added advantage to kids since they can easily and comfortably hold the bat. The handle also has a pro-tack grip to reduce slippery when playing.

USSA 1.15 BPF Certified

The bat meets all the legal requirement of the design. Its Bat performance Factor is 1.15 which is universally accepted.

Light Weight

The Bat is super light. The material used to make it is aluminum alloy which is very light. This enhances better swing speed and hitting power.

Drop of less than -10

Length to weight ratio is -9 or -5. It is suitable for a 14 year old kid who is transitioning from a drop of minus ten to a drop of minus five. This bat is well balanced and provides a solid thump and has a very cool looking.

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3. Louisville Slugger YBVA153 2015 Baseball Bat

Editor Rating:

If you want a baseball bat whose frame is constructed with performance alloy and which provides a perfect combination of solid power and hard-core durability then, Louisville Slugger YBVA153 Youth 2015 Vapor (-13) Baseball Bat is designed for you.

Low Swing Weight

It has low swing weight for maximum performance. This feature enhances efficiency and comfort of the player. Its low weight ensures that young players do not get exhausted quickly and thus they play to the best of their ability.

Large Sweep Spot

This feature makes this bat strong and can resist forces which may break it. It is thus durable and worth purchasing.

Single Piece Construction

This is constructed using alloy 7050 with -13 lengths to weight ratio. This makes it great for players who prefer light swinging bats. This alloy material is strong and durable and therefore eliminates the possibility of dents.

Large Barrel Diameter

The larger barrel diameter of 2 ¼” ensures energy applied meets the ball with intended purpose. Thus it guarantees maximum swing speed and hitting power.

One Year Manufacture Warranty

In case you experience any problem with this product before the expiry of your warranty, you can take it back to the buyer and get a new one. However, with my experience in using this product, I guarantee you durability and better performance.

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4. Easton YB14S500 S500 Youth Baseball Bat

Editor Rating:

This Bat has a big league power. It is designed for the hitter looking for a bat to help every pitch.

It utilizes Aerospace grade aluminum, composite material and propriety construction techniques which gives it industry best combination of barrel length and swing weight.

Extended Barrel length

This baseball bat has an extended barrel length and a counterbalanced knob which provides a bigger sweet spot and better balance.

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Carbon Composite Handle

I like this Bat because of its two-piece metal with a carbon composite handle. It guarantees durability and therefore it is worth buying for your kid.

BBCOR Certified

This Bat is approved not only to any other normal baseball player but also to schools and collegiate play.

Big League Power

The bat cannot easily break or dent. It is hard and has a big league power which will make you enjoy playing baseball.

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5. Louisville Slugger SLP9150 Senior Baseball Bat

Editor Rating:

Have you decided yet on which Bat to purchase? If not then Louisville Slugger SLP9150 Senior League Prime 915 Baseball Bat is the ultimate choice for you. This is prime 915 is the ultimate combination of speed, power and balanced baseball.

Its premium composite barrel, stiff handle technology and patented 3-piece construction gives it a lighter swing and weight with a massive sweet spot dramatically reducing vibration.

30-Day Performance Promise

This Bat is the best in baseball games. As a result it comes with 30-day performance promise. This implies that if you are not confident with your swing in 30 days, you return the product and your cash will be refunded.

100% Composite Design

This feature of this baseball bat outperforms Aluminum Bats. It enhances greater speed and swing weight is more easily controlled than in Aluminum Bats. It also ensures there is no “ping” sound when you hit the ball.

3-Piece Construction

This brings about a lighter swing weight and a massive sweet spot. In addition, it reduces vibration greatly thus giving the best possible feed when playing.

Biggest Barrel Diameter

Of the above discussed Bats, this one has the biggest Barrel diameter of 2 5/8″. Therefore it has greater hitting power than all the above.

Tapered Handle and Grip

Just like the above discussed bats, this one too has a tapered handle which is designed to help the player so that the bat does not slip off the hand.

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Final Word

Better and stronger baseball player use heavier bats with smaller barrels and thinner handles. However, beginners and intermediate players should go for lighter bats with bigger barrels and with thick handles for faster learning and enjoyable batting.

I gathered enough information to provide you with some fantastic bats that you can give a try. Make sure you get one of them for yourself and you will enjoy your batting henceforth.

All the bats discussed are ideal for any baseball player, and they come with a durable construction so that you can enjoy several years of use. Make sure you get one for yourself and your little ones too.

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