DeMarini 2016 Uprising Fastpitch Softball Bat Review

DeMarini never disappoints when it comes to the manufacture of softball bats and so even without using the 2016 Uprising for Fastpitch you can be confident it is a top notch bat. This aluminum alloy bat has a High-Performance Grip, one-piece design, and a standard size 2¼ inch diameter barrel. It also has a balanced swing weight, and you can use it in most leagues in the USA as it has tournament approvals from all the major bodies.

Features and Design

  • Drop: This fantastic bat has a length to weight ratio of -12, and this makes it feel very balanced. Apart from this, the drop is also within the permissible range for tournaments.
  • Material: It is a one hundred percent DX1 Aluminum alloy bat, and this not only assures you of top notch performance but also unmatched durability.
  • Tournament Approvals: The 2016 Uprising has tournament approvals from ASA, ISA, NSA, ISF and USSSA meaning that you can use in almost all leagues in the USA.
  • Design: You will not have to worry about any sting or vibrations in this bat because it is a one piece without any connections or joints between parts.
  • Grip: This bat has a High-Performance Grip that makes it feel very comfortable on your hands and also helps to ensure that you hold it firmly. The handle is also thin because it is only 31/32”.
  • Barrel: It has a standard size bat barrel with a diameter of 2¼ inches, and this is one of the things that make it ideal for players of different ages.
  • Sizes: The DeMarini Uprising is available in 5 sizes, and this gives players an opportunity to choose something that is suitable for them according to their height and age.
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  • It feels light when swinging.
  • This bat is perfect for playing in any weather.
  • The price is affordable for most players.
  • You can use it in most leagues.
  • It is perfect as a backup for your composite softball bat.
  • Uprising is a very durable bat.
  • There is no sting or vibrations on this bat.
  • The bat has a lot of pop.
  • Available in a variety of sizes.




  • Some softball players may find it too light.
  • Balanced swing weight is not suitable for power hitters.
  • The colors and graphics need some improvements.
  • It is still not an alternative to a composite bat.
  • The sweet spot is a little small and not remarkable.
  • This bat is prone to denting.


Price, Reviews & Pics


If you are not willing to spend a lot of money but would still wish to get a top notch bat as a backup for your composite one or training, then the Uprising is a perfect choice. It is a balanced swing weight bat with a light feel and lots of pop. This aluminum bat also has tournament approvals from most leagues, and so you can also use it professionally. Apart from this is also has a few other advantages such as durability and the fact that it does not have any sting and vibrations. However, just like with any other bat there are a few issues that customers also complain about, and they are things such as it being too light for some players and the fact that it is prone to denting. But, if you consider all these factors and the fact that it is a cheap bat then the bottom line is that it is worth trying out.

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