Easton Mako review

The next bestselling piece of baseball equipment may be here in the shape of the 2015 Easton Mako baseball bat. For years, Easton has been improving the performance of many players by simply making better and more innovative equipment. In fact, it would be very unlikely for you to show up to your next team practice or game and not see many others using Easton made equipment. This page is dedicated to our review of the youth version of this baseball bat, which is quickly building a name for itself as the next best thing.

What makes the Mako so good?

As mentioned above, Easton has been making high quality equipment for many years. So what makes it worth the investment? Below are the main features that are included:

  • More power – Competitive players are used to having the best equipment. Designed for the best players around, the Mako provides more of a power edge than ever before. A brand new TCT Thermo composite barrel has been added which has improved both the power potential with an increased swing spot, and speed.
  • Two piece design – As this is a two-piece bat, it provides more flex than those made with one-piece. For youth players this is very important as it allows for quicker swing speeds instead of developing bad technique with a heavier weighted bat.
  • -11 drop – For those who need a quicker swing than the average bat provides, it has been designed to provide a -11 drop. With the amount of power it possesses, getting a -11 drop was not the easiest thing to do.
  • ConneXion technology – Easton’s uses its own ConneXion technology in the handle which provides a greatly reduced chance of vibrations being felt. If you are looking for more comfort this would be of benefit.
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Would we recommend?

The Easton Mako baseball bat is one of our top youth choices for the 2015 baseball season and as suuch do not hesitate in recommending this bat. With its quick swing speed and power generation, we are guessing that you’ll see massive improvements to your performance. Hopefully you’ll be hitting homers all over the field in no time!

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