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It has been a while since Easton S500 SL14S500 Baseball bat introduced by California based sports goods manufacturer, Easton Sports Inc. in their Senior League speed brigade series and still it is the best baseball bat in its price segment. This light weighed bat is well designed for optimal swing speed with larger sweet spot. Easton also considered player’s comfort zone while designing this baseball bat.


  • Designed with 2-5/8” barrel size and 29/32” ultra-thin handle
  • Comes with two varieties of drop weights, -9 and -5.
  • Pro tack grip
This is the best Baseball bat - Easton S500 SL14S500

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Product Description

One of the best products of Easton Sports, Easton S500 SL14S500 Baseball bat, is certified under USSSA 1.15 BPF (United State Specialty Sports Association) and according to that is suitable for senior leagues. USSSA 1.15 BPF (Bat Performance Factor) is a standardization to maintain equilibrium between wooden bats and aluminum bats. It represents the trampoline-like effect or spring effect of a baseball bat.

Though wooden bats are preferred by the professionals, alloy bats are preferred by the youths. It provides them better flexibility to play. Easton SL14S500 is constructed with 7050 aircraft aluminum alloy, that not only provide better flexibility, also more durable than other standard aluminum alloy and composite bats because of extra material like zirconium, magnesium and copper) usage in the alloy.

Choosing a good Baseball bat

Someone may have great skill at baseball but without a perfect bat that skill will not reflect properly. So, as a baseball player choosing a bat is the first thing. Before choosing a right bat, several parameters need to be considered, like weight drop, weight/length, barrel size etc. Weight drop represents the difference between the weight and length of a bat. It comes with a ‘-‘(minus) sign followed by a value. The bat weight and the weight drop are inversely proportional to each other that mean a light weighted bat comes with higher drop weight. Barrel size plays an important role to measure the sweet spot of a bat. A bat with larger barrel size gives larger area for sweet spot.

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Why Easton SL14S500 is the best Baseball bat?

Easton S500 SL14S500 Baseball bat comes with two variants of drop weights -9 and -5 which signifies this bat is enough light weighted. Thus while playing with it, players will get much flexibility at their wrist and it will help to increase swing speed. A right weight and length is crucial for a player’s success. For senior league the standard barrel size of a baseball bat is 2-5/8”. Though other big barrels bats (for example, bats with 2-3/4” barrel size) available in the market, but in some competitive leagues (like Little League, NFHS, Babe Ruth League, Dixie Baseball etc.) these bats are not allowed, only standard barrel sized bats have to be used. So, for young players practicing with Easton SL14S500 will be advantageous for their long run career.

Baseball bat taper also an important parameter for judging a good baseball bat. It reduces the sting that a player feels if ball hits an area at other than sweet spot at the bat. 31/32’’ is a Standard measure for Baseball bat taper. Easton has taken this matter seriously. Easton designed this bat with 29/32” taper. It may slightly differ from the standard, but that will neither affect the play nor fun. Easton S500 SL14S500 Baseball bat is available in the market starting low price with one year manufacturer warranty.

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Main and Outstanding Features

  • Constructed with 7050 aircraft aluminum alloy which makes it lighter and more durable
  • It is designed with 29/32” ultra-thin handle with pro tack grip, which provides excellent comfort and balanced control
  • Comes with two different drop weights -9 and -5. Thus players can have their options
  • Swing weight is optimally balanced. It is specially designed for faster swing speed.
  • USSSA 1.15 BPF certified
  • One-piece construction
  • One-year manufacturer warranty


  • This bat results outstanding in terms of pop. Players will enjoy it while hitting the ball.
  • The bat is light weighted, durable than other wooden or composite bats
  • It comes with optimized swing balance
  • 29/32” handle makes players comfortable at their wrist by reducing sting at the time of hitting the ball
  • It is available with -9 and -5 drop weight which enables players to have their choice according to their comfort
  • No “break-in-time” for the use of this bat. Take it out from the box and play
  • 7050 aircraft aluminum alloy makes it more durable than others and it is easy to maintain than wooden bats as well as composites
  • It can also be used when damaged as it may get dent but will not crack easily


  • Not suitable for Little Leagues, it valid for Senior Leagues
  • It’s not BBCOR 5.0 certified
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Easton S500 SL14S500 Baseball bat is an ultimate product from Easton Sports Inc. with optimized swing balance and outstanding pop (Productive Out Percentage). With USSSA 1.15 BPF certification, its light weight and durability makes it perfect for Senior League baseball players and of course last but not the least, this is a value for money. Consumers, who have bought this product, are fully satisfied with its results. According to user ratings, it got 4.5. Its stroke and weight made it favorite to the young stars. In short it the best baseball bat available at this price, especially for Senior Leagues. Still now nobody is able to make any complaint about this. The Easton S500 SL14S500 Baseball bat, from the speed brigade series of Easton Sports Inc. is designed for optimal performance with ultra-speed at any level.

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