Essentials for Cold Weather games

In most cities in the United States it is still a little cold when April rolls around. Because of this you need to make sure you have the proper gear to keep you nice and warm. Below you will find 5 baseball essentials for cold weather conditions.

Long Sleeve Undershirts

This is an absolute must when you are playing in colder weather conditions. Long sleeve undershirts are usually thicker than the regular undershirts shirts worn under the uniform. The inside will have a fleece layer that helps keep you warm. When it comes to fit you have several different options. You can go with crew neck, turtle neck, fitted, loose fit or compression. Its totally up to you and what you like.

Some players don’t like the undershirts because they can be a little bulky sometimes. If that is you consider wearing two long sleeve shirts that are very thin. This will keep you warm without adding the bulky feeling. Nike and Under Armour make the best long sleeve undershirts for baseball.

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Cold Weather Leggings

Cold weather baseball leggings come in two different styles. Fitted or compression. Most guys prefer the compression style for one reason and one reason only, it helps keep their muscles warm. When you are in the dugout or on the field waiting for something to happen your muscles can get cold and tight. When this happens you risk injury. Compression style legging help keep the muscles warm. That means your body will be ready for those sudden movements that often take place on the field of play.

A Hand Warmer

You see hand warmers being used in both baseball and football during the cold winter months. When your hands are cold it is very hard to throw a baseball accurately. That’s because you can lose a bit of feeling and not have a good grasp of the ball before you throw it. Hand Warmer To The Rescue!

You should always keep a hand warmer in your back pocket. That way you can keep your throwing hand warm between pitches. Not only will your hands stay warm but the rest of your body will feel warm too.

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Cold Weather Batting Gloves

Cold weather batting gloves are made specifically for playing the game of baseball in cold weather. They are designed thicker than regular gloves so your hands can stay warm. When you are at the plate the last thing you want to worry about is cold hands. Its a big distraction and can have a negative impact on your game. Franklin has great cold weather batting gloves for players to wear.

Their gloves are durable and they aren’t big and bulky. The best part of course is they will keep your hands nice and warm. If you play baseball in some of the colder places such as Colorado, New York, Boston, Minnesota or Philadelphia you absolutely must have cold weather batting gloves. Otherwise not only will you risk being cold but you can risk injuring yourself and of course having a horrible game.

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