Have the Idea about How to Dress for Softball

It goes without mentioning that softball is a very fascinating and engaging game. This requires skills and abilities. And alongside, this game requires appropriate dressing. I have seen many girls facing challenges because of their wrong dress selection. Getting dressed up properly is very important for this game. This is not only necessary for the improvement of your performance; inappropriate outfit may lead to injuries in the field. So, here I will be talking about the dress for softball. This will help you improve your performance and will maintain the needed safety.

Below here I will discuss the 8 most effective steps of softball dressing which will tell you what you need to do and what you need not. Once you go through these steps, you will get an idea of dressing especially if you are a beginner.

1 Choose your outfit

The very first step is to buy or get the uniform. Uniform!! But what is that needed for? Well, since this is a team game, you should be wearing the team uniform during the game. If you don’t do the same, you may be kicked out of the game. And when you are not playing but practicing, you can choose your own dress but do make sure that it is comfortable. The shirt shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. Why is that? While playing, you will need to use your full motion that may be interrupted by the extra large size of your clothing. So, the first rule is to buy uniform that fits you and is comfortable.

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2 Weather does play a role

It is very true; the role of weather is very crucial in the game of softball. If the match is being played at high temperature under the scorching sunlight, you should wear a turtle neck, full-sleeve shirt inside the uniform. And if the weather is pleasant, a simple shirt will serve the purpose. So, it is wise to consider the weather in advance.

 3 Do not forget your sliders

Softball players should never forget their sliders. You don’t know what slider is! This is basically leggings with thigh length. The intention is to protect your thighs from getting scratched while sliding. Make sure that the leggings are comfortable for your thighs and fit easily. You can even use pads on the outer side of your thighs for more safety. You will be wearing this under your shorts.

4 Tuck in your shirt

This is another important thing that you need to keep in mind while you dress for softball. You should always tuck in your shirt properly and all round. This will make you feel comfortable. And you can also avoid the eye of the umpire on you. He may or may not call you on this. There is no point of only tucking in your shirt in front.

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5 Choose your cleats wisely

The next part of your dressing is definitely the cleats. Coming in the ground without cleats is kind of funny. No matter what cleat you choose like for instance metal cleat or plastic cleat, do make sure that it fits well and you are comfortable with it. Tie your cleats tightly so that it doesn’t come off in the middle. Be aware of that. And make sure one thing that the cleats you use are softball cleats. You may not find any major difference but try to stick to the particular one.


6 The pair of gloves

Gloves are certainly a very crucial thing for softball dressing. Make sure that the gloves fit you perfectly. Put your gloves on and check whether you can comfortably catch a softball or not.

7 Softball socks

Are you fascinated with softball socks? You can select any color for your socks as long as there is no problem with the mismatch of socks color with other team mates. During the practice session, you don’t need to wear your socks unless it is preferred by your coach. Or, you may find it useful if you don’t have sliders.

8 Keep your jewelry away

Are you fond of jewelry? Do you love wear rings or earrings or bangles? Well, if you do, you need to keep those aside during the game. Yes, wearing any sort of jewelry is not allowed during the game. Your umpire may call you on this and you can miss your inning of batting as well. However, if you have earrings or studs you cannot remove, you need to put a tape on it. You cannot use any ring, necklace, hair pin or clips etc.

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So, here is how you should dress for softball. Now, we will have a quick discussion on what are the things that you cannot do or you should not do while playing softball.

Things that you should not do during the game:

  • Firstly, never choose an outfit that doesn’t fit you properly more importantly your gloves. Your outfit should be properly fit. People often think that wearing a loose outfit will help them move their body parts faster. But in reality the situation is just adverse.
  • Don’t wear makeup on your face. Come on! You are not coming in the field to show your looks. Moreover, when the 3 layer of makeup starts melting down with the sweat and tear, it looks terrible. So, keep in mind while you dress for softball not to touch makeup more than what is needed.

So, this is a brief discussion on how you should dress for softball and what the things you should keep in mind are. Following these steps will certainly help you perform better in the field. So, good luck.

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