How to break in your new softball glove

Smearing it with bacon grease and roasting it in the oven, leaving it in urine for 3 days, microwaving it holding a brick of butter and putting it in the drier for 24 hour consecutive tumble. These are some of the worst ways imaginable to break in your new softball glove we have come across, but the people who write them swear by them.

We know that there are contradictory ideas and some really bad info available online, and we spent a large amount of time compiling our best ideas for breaking them in just for you.

Buying a top of the line, already broken in glove
While this idea is great, it is usually out of question for anyone who budgets their gear, and usually still requires some work to get it to be “just right” But if you have the cash, and don’t have the time, this might be the best route for you. You can also check out our best softball gloves section to see if any of those fit the bill!

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Elastic bands, a ball, and lanolin or a name brand glove oil
Rub oil into the web and pocket with a clean rag. Make sure it soaks in a bit, but isn’t wet. If it’s dripping wipe up as much as you can. Keep switching to a dry rag as the old one gets oily. Push the ball into the center of the web, or depending on your style, the ideal place for you to be catching it in. Once you have it forced in, wrap elastics around the outside of the glove to hold it in place. If you don’t have elastics, using the feet of your bed or sofa to pinch the ball into place also works. Leave it for a couple of days, take it out and check it, repeat if necessary.

Use it
The best way by far is to simply play with the glove. Grab a buddy and start throwing the ball back and forth. While it is also the most time consuming, it will get your perfect grove, and you will get some great practice time. It is definitely a win/win situation. This is the only perfect method for both synthetic and leather gloves, and is recommended by all true players.

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