How to Determine the Size of Softball Bat to Use

If you are a softball player, you know that you need to get a bat that will feel right when you are using it. You need to make sure that the bat is properly sized. The weight of the bat should be just right and of course, the bat should be balanced enough to be used comfortably for a certain period of time. When you are choosing the right bat, you should not choose something that is top heavy. You also cannot choose something that is too light because you may end up letting your softball bat fly.

Want to know the different things that you can consider so that you can make the right choice? Here are just a few:

1. Bat Length

If you are a beginner in playing softball, you may not realize that bats have different lengths. It will be hard to know what exactly you are searching for so to determine the bat length, you have to do the following:

  • Hold the bat with any of your hands as long as you would keep it an inch over the knob.
  • While you are holding the bat, you need to relax your arm on the side of your body.
  • Remember that while you are doing the things that are mentioned above, you have to stand up straight. If you do not do this, you cannot be sure if the bat’s size is right for you.
  • The bat should touch the ground but not too much that it is already dragging you on the ground.
  • If the bat that you are trying to hold does not reach the ground, this may not be the right football bat for you.
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You have to remember that when it comes to bat length, there is no specific length that you have to follow. You just have to think about the feel of the bat. If it feels right, then you are probably holding the right bat on your hands. You should not adjust to how a bat feels like. The bat should fit you well.

2. The Weight of the Bat

It was mentioned earlier that a bat should not be too heavy that you can barely swing it and it should not be too light that it seems like it is already flying off from your hands. Remember that softball bats are only in between 8 – 12. You just need to choose the weight that feels right for you. You are not allowed to exceed or go below the softball bat weight.

When considering the weight of the bat, you have to think about what type of batter you are. It would depend on your skills and what you are particularly good at. Some of the things that you are going to think about are the following:

  • If you are the type of person who pitches slow, you need to use a bat that is lighter than what most people use. You can also use a light bat if the pitcher that you are going up against is a bit overpowering.
  • If you are strong at hitting the ball, you can purchase a bat that has a weight of about -8 or -9. The heavier the bat is, the more powerful you would be at doing hits.
  • If you have been playing softball professionally for years and you believe that you are good at it, you can always get a 10. This is most recommended for those who can make hits in one way.
  • If the pitcher is a bit slow in trying to move the ball, you can get a bat from -8 to -10. This is because you will have a heavier bat. The heavier your bat is, the slower you will be at hitting the ball so the timing will be perfect for you.
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Even though there are different things that are mentioned above that are meant to help you pick out the right weight of the ball, remember that things may be different for you. The most important thing is that things feel right.

3. The Style of the Bat

There are two different bat styles that you have to think about so that you can choose well. Composite bat is popular because it is known to have a lot of pop. They are made out of carbon fiber and graphite so you can expect that the bat will feel a bit heavy than the usual bats that you have encountered before. This is also more elastic than the usual bat style which makes it the choice of people who like bats that have a sort of trampoline effect.

Another bat style that is also popular is called the Aluminum Bat. This is a bat made out of aluminum alloy so it is a bit light. The best reason why people choose this type of bat is because of its speed. Unlike the composite bat that has a trampoline effect, this type of bat can let balls soar fast and high depending on the pitch. This is the bat of choice of people who do not want to worry about the swinging the bat.

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You do know that one way to determine if the size, weight and style is right for you is to try swinging the bat. This can be hard to do if you are purchasing online but perhaps if you would buy from an actual store, you can carefully try to swing the bat. You will know if the feel of the bat is right immediately the moment that you hold it in your hand and swing. There are demo bats that are available that you can try to swing.

Choosing wisely will determine how good you are going to be when you start playing softball. You will not find the right bat if you have picked out a wrong – sized bat. Once you have the right bat, you can practice doing your swing. The better you are at doing swings, the better you will be at playing the game.

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