How to Have Perfect Slow Pitch Softball Swing

Do you always wonder how you can improve in doing slow pitch softball? You know that you can do it but you feel that you lack the knowledge in order to accomplish it. When you do slow pitch softball, you do not have to worry about your pitch speed. You also do not need to worry about breaking the balls but you would like to receive the best results possible.

What You Can Expect to Learn

There are different things that you can learn when you check out this article. I will give you details about the following:

  • The basics of softball – There may be some things about softball that you do not know a lot of details about yet like the right bat, the right grip and how you can hit the ball.
  • How to warm up – Proper warm up is necessary before you can get the proper swing.
  • Some techniques that you can use to get the perfect swing – Get to know the different things that you can do and how you can get them.
  • Other tips to take into consideration.
  • How to make stronger hits.

Are you already excited to get to know all the details? Keep on reading to learn more.

The Basics of Slow Pitch Softball

There are always a few steps that you need to remember so that you can improve the way that you hit the ball well with your bat.

1/Choosing the Right Bat


The bat that you are going to use for the game can make or break the way that you play. If you choose something that you are not comfortable with, there is a very big chance that you will not be able to maximize it.

  1. Get to know the different bats that are legal for the league that you would choose to play in.
  2. If you are going to shop with someone else, it can be easier for you to check if the bat is too long of heavy for you.
  3. To check if it is too heavy, try to hold it while putting your arm stretched in front of your chest.
  4. If the bat falls before you reach 30, this means that the bat is too heavy.
  5. You can also check if the bat is too long if you would try to place it on the ground and it does not feel right. The length should be just enough.
  6. Check if you are comfortable swinging the bat.
  7. It can be harder to purchase online but if you know your body type, weight and height, making a choice can be easier.
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2/How to Grip the Bat Correctly


There will be no use to having the right bat if you do not know how to hold it. If you are a professional player, you have been taught about this beforehand but if not, here is how you can grip your bat correctly:

  1. If you are right handed, you need to place your right hand over your left. If you are left handed, do the opposite.
  2. Grip close to the handle but not too much that you will not be leaving any space anymore below. The closer the grip to the handle, the better the hit is going to be.
  3. The grip of the bat that you will choose may also have an effect on how well you would be able to hold the bat properly.

3/How to Hit the Ball


Hitting the ball properly can become a problem if you have never done it before but with proper practice, you will learn how to do it with ease.

  1. Warm your muscles ahead of time so that it will not be strained as you try to hit the ball coming your way.
  2. Keep a close eye on the ball and the person who is going to throw the ball at you.
  3. Control the speed of your bat so you will know the proper time to let the bat come in contact with the ball.
  4. Let the ball hit the “sweet spot” to improve your hit.

4/How to Do Perfect Ball Hitting


  1. When the ball is about to be hit, place the bat just slightly in front of your body.
  2. Remember not to place the bat too far out because this will decrease the ball’s momentum.
  3. Make sure that it hits the right spot to make it go farther than what you have intended.

5/How to Choose the Right Gloves


  1. You would need gloves in order to do proper hitting.
  2. Consider your position to help you choose better, you may choose small or big gloves.
  3. Take into consideration the different glove materials.
  4. You may be particular about the style so look for a style that you like.
  5. Some gloves may require break in time so practice with it often until it becomes comfortable.
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How to Warm Up


The type of warm ups that you are going to do will depend on your trainer and what you need to accomplish. Most of the time, you will be required to do the following:

  1. Do some sets and rest.
  2. Do some skipping.
  3. Run
  4. Knee to chest exercises
  5. Walk

Some Techniques to Help You Get the Perfect Swing

There are some techniques that slow pitch softball players use all the time in order to improve their game. It does not mean that just because you are new to playing softball, you can afford to play badly. You can always do well if you would do the following techniques:

+Line Drive


  1. Grip the bat correctly. Remember not to hold it too tight.
  2. Keep your eyes close to the ball so that you will see it coming.
  3. Hit the ball in the middle of the bat so that it will go beyond what has been expected.

+Hip Rotation


  1. Stand deep in the box.
  2. You may have to be a bit far from the plate.
  3. Start the motion of the swing the moment that the ball has been released.
  4. Complete the swing as the bat comes in contact with the ball.

+Basic Hitting Technique


This is the type of hitting technique that can work for different individuals.

  1. Rotate the front hip.
  2. Place the knee backwards towards the catcher as this will allow the hit to be stronger.
  3. Step toward the ball as the ball comes towards you so that it will hit the bat.
  4. It is ideal that the ball will be hit before the plate.
  5. Do a slight uppercut with the bat before hitting the ball to make it go towards the direction that you want. This will also help the bat be carried farther.

Other Tips to Take Into Consideration

There are different tips that you have to remember in order to make slow pitch hitting easier for you to do. Some of these tips are well known but you have forgotten it because of being too focused on other things that are about softball.

  • Do not disregard your hips when it comes to making the perfect swing and hitting the ball. It is important that when you practice, you make use of your hips so that it will be natural when you are playing against your competitors.
  • Remember to attack at the best moment. You may have to keep going forward until the bat comes in contact with the ball.
  • The way that you grip your bat will have a huge effect on your swing. If you hold it too tightly, will decrease the rotation of the bat and will not improve the hit. The grip must be relaxed but not too relaxed that the bat will fall out of your hands.
  • When you are hitting the ball, you have to let the ball come in contact with you so that the ball will still be able to go far.
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How to Make Stronger Hits

In order to make stronger hits, you can do the following tips:

  • Remember to focus on the lower part of your body in order to improve and increase the swing and the hit that you can do.
  • Hand speed is something that you can learn sooner or later. The more that you pay attention to it, the better.
  • Bend your knees slightly because this can result to making a stronger hit.


It is evident that there are so many things that you can do to improve your chances of creating the perfect slow pitch softball swing. Did you enjoy the things that you learned? The knowledge can be useful especially the next time that you practice your swings again. You have to be better than your competitor. You must always take into consideration the things that you are learning through your training plus the things that are mentioned above. As long as you have the right items and you will be able to perfect your skills, making perfect swings will be easier to accomplish. What do you think about the things you have learned so far? Can you still think of other things to add? Focus on all of the factors and feel free to share this article too.

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