How To Hitting The Softball Right The Way

Hitting the ball successfully depends on how the player does the swings. It is a daunting task to step into a box and hit a moving ball. Batters should have good reflexes, vision, strength and timing. The ball is faster than the eyes, thus a batter should know the proper mechanics of swinging the bat. Likewise, to effectively hit the ball, these three components should be in sync including the upper body, lower body and course the mechanics of swing.

  • Upper Body – The upper body plays significant role in making a hit because it controls the movement while stepping into the batter’s box. While standing in the box, the head should be aligned with the belly button, the shoulders should be squared and the eyes focused on the pitcher.
  • Lower Body – The lower body involves three motions such as the toe tap, heel plant and pivot. The toe tap brings the front foot towards the pitcher at 45 degrees angle. The lower body will experience positive movement by shifting the weight to the front foot. Make sure that your heel is planted on the ground to ensure balance. Pivot involves the rotation of the hips since most of the hitting power generates from the hips.
  • Generating a powerful swing is the key to hit the ball. There is high-end equipment that can help in hitting the ball, yet it is still important to employ proper mechanics along with a strong body and core. Likewise, it is necessary to enhance the skills in hitting by learning the fundamentals and doing some drills.
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Fundamentals of Hitting the Ball

  • The Right Grip – In gripping the bat, there should be pressure on the fingers and not on the palms. The top hand is the one that supports the bat, while the bottom hand is the one that controls the bat. Gripping the bat should be done just like gripping a golf club or a hammer. The arms should not be crossed so that you can grip the bat loosely at the same time provides flexibility on your wrists.
  • Hand Position – The hand position should be 3 to 4” in front of your chest. The shoulders should be tension-free and the both elbows should be down. To make your shoulder and hands relax, you can do a back and forth movement.
  • Stance – Just like in pitching, the batter should also learn the proper stance that gives good balance. See to it that the weight is evenly distributed on your feet and the knees are slightly bent.
  • Stride – While the pitcher is preparing to release the ball, the hitter should make the right stride by cocking the hips. After positioning the stride, the hitter must be ready to hit the ball by flexing the knees and ready to employ the swinging motion.
  • Swing – The legs and the hips are important factors in doing the swing. While the hip is beginning to rotate, it should maintain parallel to the ground. Likewise, the eyes and head is level while the legs and hips are doing the movement. Knowing the proper way to hit the ball guarantees more compact swing.
  • Contact – Proper rotation of the hips can help the batter to hit the ball hard. That is why the hitter should learn how to make the right contact suitable with different pitches. This way it will be possible to hit the ball at any location. To make successful contact, proper positioning of the arms should be observed.
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Knowing the fundamentals in hitting a softball does not guarantee that you can make a powerful hit. To become more efficient in hitting, it is important to practice more so that you can identify the errors and flaws. Practice will also help in making adjustments in doing the swing. Likewise, it is necessary to practice the proper mechanics of hitting before getting into the batting cage.

Visualizing how you will hit the ball can also reduce the struggles. Having productive mindset can make you a competitive player. Today, the technology can help softball players to enhance the skills in hitting and pitching by using specific equipment. You can use such equipment in practicing to hit the ball. It will also enhance the technique in making a swing and the right timing.

Softball is one of the interesting sports. That is why if you want to engage in this sport, you should take time practicing the proper way of hitting. Knowing the techniques and movement is a great help to become efficient in playing the game. Likewise, it is also essential to engage in hitting drills and other activities for you to survive in this sport.

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Beginners can opt to enroll in a training course in order to learn the fundamentals of softball. Learning the skills in softball is the key to succeed in every game performance.

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