How To Throw 4-seam Fastball

Pitch is undoubtedly one of the crucial parts in any baseball game. By the literal meaning, this may be the act of throwing the baseball but this goes beyond this meaning. In fact, pitching is one of the deciding factors of the game; it can change the equation of the game. There are basically two types of fastball used in the game; one is two-seam fastball and the other one is four-seam fastball. Here, in this article, we will learn how to throw 4 seam fastball. So, friends let’s get started then.

Four-seam fastball: An inevitable arsenal

Among the two most popular types of fastball, four-seam fastball is one of the most inevitable arsenals that pitchers want to keep with them. In fact, I personally think that this is the first pitch, everyone should learn at young age. It will help the young pitchers to have control over the fastball and be consistent. And if you are an experienced pitcher, you will learn to get the much needed strike when the situation comes.

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Learn to grip the four-seam fastball

In my years of experience I have learnt that gripping is one of the most important parts of pitching. Gripping a two-seam fastball and gripping a four-seam fastball is completely different. And it is the gripping that provides the needed cut after it is delivered. So, let’s learn it. When you hold a four-seam fastball, your top fingers (index and middle) will be placed across the seam. The fingers will create a perpendicular position along with the seam of the ball. The upper part of the seam will be touched by the index finger and middle finger. And the lower part of the seam will be touched by the tip of the thumb. There has to be gap between the baseball and your palm.

You should never place the baseball onto your palm and it should not be a tight hold rather should be a loose one. When you deliver the pitch, it generates velocity rather than creating movement.

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How to throw 4 seam fastball

There is a contradiction regarding the effectiveness of this pitch in the game of baseball. But that is a different issue and I am coming that later. The four seam fastball is more of a straight pitch. In terms of the movement, there is very small horizontal or vertical movement when it approaches the home plate. This is used for speed basically. The key of using this fastball type is to identify the right situation. It may not be effective in every situation. So, you need to wait for the right situation to make it more effective.

On a contrary, many players think that four-seam pitch is easier to predict and also easier to hit. I don’t agree with them completely. It is true that because of limited movement, it is pretty easy to predict. Even it is often tough to throw a four-seam to a good hitter. But this doesn’t mean that it is less effective. Every seam is effective when it is applied in the right situation.

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The advantage

No matter how little it moves, it goes without saying that this particular seam produces the highest velocity compared to all other pitches. For a power pitcher, this is the go to pitch. This becomes even more effective when the pitcher is familiar with all other pitches. And he then can make the four-seam pitch appears faster than normal.

Hopefully, now you have an idea regarding how to throw 4 seam fastball. It all starts with practice and ends with practice. The more you practice, the perfect you become with this seam. So, keep practicing and keep flourishing.

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