Increasing Your Throwing Velocity In Baseball

In the game of baseball, having an expert pitcher makes a great deal of difference. Certainly, the exceptional agility comes in with great practicing and knowing all one can about baseball pitches. While working on the different pitching techniques, the throwing power gets better, which becomes a key element to win the game. If you are interested in understanding how to increasing the throwing velocity of the baseball, read below for a quick run through.

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Is It Important To Increase The Throwing Velocity Of The Ball?

Yes, it is very important to have the ball thrown out to the batter in a manner that it deceives them to the extent that the opposition wins the points. Given that we are not blessed with this talent from birth and need to put in hard work and effort to be a good pitcher, it is important to know all about it. Throwing is not simply throwing, but striking the right balance with just the right amount of speed is required.

Using the Right Amount of Force

The ball should be held properly, that is among the key aspects of good pitching. Pitcher should place his or her fingers always behind the ball. While doing so, increase the strength and use the right kind of baseball. The force should come in from the wrist while aiming at the pitch. The entire motion should be flawless and effortless, and this comes with extensive training and practice.

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Some specific set of exercise makes all the difference. For instance, if you indulge in shot put flips, wrist rolls, weighted balls etc., you can get the right speed and much needed accuracy for the pitching to be perfect. You need to work through your forearms as well, very important as they play a vital role in throwing the ball away. For this, you can opt for forearm curls using a bar, hammer curls with the help of dumbbells. Such movements make the arms strong and train them to perform the throwing better.

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Best Contributors

Fastpitch in softball or any other kind works hand in hand with the pitchers style of throwing the ball. The rotator cuff for instance is one of the most important contributors of the overhand throw. Hence, every style and different pitch style works on some specific requirements and contributors. While you are working out to increasing the throwing velocity, make sure you work towards strengthening your shoulders as they are directly contributing in building up your throwing velocity. Indulge more in arm swings, jobe exercises, football throws etc.

Elbow Extension

Most coaches work towards elbow exercise because elbow extension is indeed one of the best and most important requirements for increasing your throwing velocity in baseball. For better elbow extension during acceleration or delivery of the ball, you must add the required strength and speed. For this, you could incorporate shoulder press, triceps, shot put in your routine.

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Scapular Muscles

Most pitchers underutilize their scapular muscles and this is overlooked because of excessive weight training or working towards upper body. There are specific exercises that help develop such muscles and provided the much-needed resistance especially towards the upper body. For instance, you should work on seated row, bench press, lat pulldown, push-ups and use dumbbells.

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While doing this, simultaneously you are working on your torso as well. You can also go in for late trunk rotation, which helps you improve the force to the extent that you learn to perfect the pitching techniques by utilizing the arm, forearm and other parts of the upper body in balance. The thing with each of the mentioned exercises is that they can be easily combined to form a proper set and doing so religiously at the designated time for the right duration, it is bound to make all the difference.


You can opt for total abdominal exercises while working on your shoulders, arms and forearms. All these in total will give you the much needed push to perform better at pitching. Throwing velocity is a key element in baseball and once you get it right, you have the means to perform to your best abilities. This is how the best pitchers polished their skills and so can so.

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