Learn How To Increase Throwing Velocity

Pitching is certainly one of the crucial parts in any baseball game. This is an art and many young baseball players are keen on mastering this art which is not so easy to grab. One of the very important parts of baseball pitching is increasing the velocity. There are a number of guys who ask me how to increase throwing velocity; I can only say to them that there is no rocket science to this process. There is no hard and fast rule to achieve a certain amount of speed. But, having said that, I would also like to mention that there are some practices, and tricks that may help you increase your throwing velocity.

Here I am going to talk about baseball pitching drills to increase pitching speed. Before I start, I want to make clarify one thing, as I have mentioned above there is the magical thing that can increase your speed. Increasing the throwing speed is a combination of so many things. When you combine everything together and practice; that is the most important thing.

The reality check

You will come across many people saying that do this every day, this will help you increase this much amount of speed per hour. You may come across people saying you that do this exercise and that exercise, this will definitely increase your speed. These are not authentic and these are not logical. The reality is, you have to build up a strategy first then need to progress according to the strategy. And finally, push yourself as far as you can. You can compare the situation with bodybuilding process. If you keep doing exercise with the same amount of weight without increasing the reps, your body will stop growing after a certain point of time. So, the key thing is to plan and push yourself as far as you can.

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OK, so let’s get back to the topic. Here I am going to tell you 4 throwing tricks that can increase your velocity instantly. Once again, I would like to tell you that these are not easy to master tricks, you need to practice. So, here is the first one.

Walking wind up

This is the first tactic. What you do in this particular style of pitching is walk a little from the back of the pitching position. The intention is to gain some momentum. I have seen many people walk really slow to maintain the temperament. Temperament is important but you need to increase your momentum a little bit. Walk from the behind to create the momentum and line up in the pitching position and then throw. This is a very easy and effective trick.

Backpedal throw

This is the second style that you can practice to increase the speed of pitching. As you can understand from the name, here you have to backpedal from a distance. The intention is once again to increase the momentum. Backpedal a few times, turn and then throw. The most advantageous part of this style is when you turn from back to the front. This is a huge movement and creates lots of momentum. All you need to make sure is that when you turn, you maintain your balance and the right position.

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Run and gun

OK, so, this is a pretty common process but very effective one. I call this run and gun. Unlike the walking wind up style, here you take a few back steps first from the pitching position and then run a little bit to create the momentum and near the pitching position you throw the ball. This helps to increase the speed a lot. Just before delivering the pitch from hand, make sure to stretch your hand up to your comfortable range.

Side shuffle

This is one of my favorite among all the tricks. This is called side shuffle. This is a lot like the run and gun process but here you don’t run forward, your run sideways and the throwing style is also a bit different. Unlike the run and gun process, here you throw the ball from the side angle to create the linear energy. This is a very effective way of pitching and can increase your velocity almost instantly.

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So, guys, here are the 4 easiest and quick-to-learn pitching tricks. You can use these tricks to increase your throwing velocity anytime, anywhere. But these are not the only way concerning how to increase throwing velocity. There are so many different styles and tricks. You need to identify yourself that which works best for you. Best of luck!

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