Louisville Slugger Omaha Flare Review

Every baseball fan has at one point groaned in frustration when a ball that can be easily caught is fumbled by a player in the infield. More often than not, mistakes made in a baseball game are not caused solely by a player’s lack of skill, but rather a lack of quality in the equipment they choose to use. Louisville Slugger has been carefully crafting all sorts of baseball equipment for the last 129 years. One of their most popular products is of course the baseball glove.

Their latest glove, the 11.5 inch Omaha Flare Infield Glove truly revolutionizes the way this beautiful game is played. Below is a review of this glove that has top professional and collegiate infield players clamoring to get their own.

Why is the Louisville Slugger Omaha Flare a must have?

The Omaha Flare has both high-end flare designs and polished patterns that come together to make an absolutely amazing baseball glove. Below are it’s main features and benefits:

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Skillful Design Structure
The Omaha Flare is 11.5 inches which allows you to quickly deliver the ball. It also has a modified trap and a suspension web which gives it extra stability. The open back gives it flexibility, support, and a great deal of comfort. Infielders love this feature.

Ease Of Catch
The first thing you will notice about this glove is how wide it is. It is a lot wider than other Louisville Slugger models which makes it a lot easier for you to catch balls. It reduces your chances of a fumble by quite a bit.

This glove weighs less than 2 pounds which means it won’t weigh you down. Its the perfect practice glove. Maneuvering around and making quick catches with this glove is a breeze. You also won’t have to worry about shoulder strain like you do with some of the heavier gloves.

Quick Ball Transfer
As an infielder getting the ball out of your hands as quickly as possible is extremely important. It can be the difference between winning and losing the game. With this glove ball transfer is effortless thanks to the open and flat pocket.

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The Omaha Flare has dye applied on it’s lacing to increase the durability of the glove. Louisville Slugger guarantees it will last for as long as you play the game of baseball. The glove is also reinforced with premium steerhide leather that is stronger than most other glove materials.

Top Grade Leather
The leather is treated with oil which gives it a soft feel. It also ensures it keeps a perfectly molded shape around your hand which increases your efficiency. You will be able to catch more balls with ease.

Overall I would give this baseball glove 5 stars. It is masterfully put together and is without a doubt one of Louisville Slugger’s finest products. Its quality and design simply can’t be touched. You won’t find anything else like it. I would recommend this affordable glove ($99.99) to any infield baseball player who wants to improve their game.

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