Louisville UPM45 Review

The Louisville Slugger UPM45 helps to overcome the biggest of all fears in young players; the fear of being hit by the ball. Now, with repetitive training with the UPM45, the ultimate training tool, you can give your child the joy of hitting the ball every time and an opportunity to overcome their fears and perfect their swinging techniques. It is touted as the ultimate tool of success by many parents and coaches.

The Louisville Slugger UPM45 is the Official pitching machine of the Babe Ruth League and Pony Baseball and Softball. It is also being used by many major and minor youth leagues in North America.

Designed for ages 6 and up, this pitching machine is the ideal training tool that helps batters and coaches enjoy a more successful and fruitful batting practice or a coach-pitch game.

Main Features included

Louisville UPM45


  • Pitches all kinds of balls without causing any damage
  • Portable and compact; weighs only 25 pounds
  • Manually operated using spring tension; no batteries and electricity required
  • Easily adjustable pitch and speed
  • High quality, sturdy built; made to last a long time
  • Good for throwing accurate and consistent pitches, fly balls, and hard grounders

The Louisville UPM45 Blue Flame comes loaded with a plethora of features and benefits that all make it a highly recommended training tool. The next part of our review focuses on the features you can expect.

Best for ages 6 and up

With the speed range of 18-65 mph, the machine is best for ages 6 and up. It helps to overcome the fear factor of live pitching and allows the batter to concentrate on developing a proper swing path to the ball. It also saves your arm, as you no longer have to throw the ball down on the child trying to find their strike zone. By throwing reliable and consistent pitches, the child can easily predict the ball and work on his swinging and hitting technique.

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Manual operation

One of the best features that sets the UPM45 apart from other machines is its manual operation. It requires no electricity or battery packs, which is a plus point for away games. Try searching for a power outlet on a local ball field and you would know how beneficial this feature is. It uses manual spring tension to throw pitches. The system is also very easy and simple to operate.

High quality, sturdy built

Most users who have used the UPM45 comment on its high quality, sturdy built. Users say that it doesn’t look easy to break and that they can easily expect many years out of it. The spring is good for 20,000 pitches and is available separately for replacement.

Light weight and portable

Another feature that makes the UPM45 a must have for parents and coaches is its light weight. It weighs only 25 pounds and can easily fit into the trunks of most cars. Hence, it is easy to move when going for batting practice.

Throws all types of balls

Unlike many other pitching machines including those advanced automatic ones that throw only a certain kind of ball, the UPM45 can throw any type of ball you put on it. This includes regulation type baseballs, softballs, wiffle balls, etc.

Throws a variety of pitches

The UPM45 is not just a pitching machine that throws level strikes but it is also great for throwing hard grounders and fly balls for fielding practice. The velocity and type of pitch can be easily adjusted using the spring lever and adjustment block given. It pitches balls at a speed range of 18-65 mph.

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Easily adjustable and operated

It is so easy to operate that even a layman can use it. To pitch the ball, the coach has to put the ball on the arm and step down on the spring lever. The handle should then be released for the ball to strike. Speed and height can be easily adjusted using easy settings. The machine comes with a speed chart that illustrates how to adjust the spring lever for different speeds. Once the settings are adjusted, they are locked in with bolts and pins and you don’t need to re-calibrate them again during the game.

Reviews of Louisville Slugger UPM45 Pitching Machine

The UPM45 enjoys raving reviews by customers. It has received a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon.com and more than 200 customer reviews to date, 70% of which are 5 stars. The UPM45 is also the #1 Bestseller in Baseball Pitching Machines on Amazon.com.

Most parents and coaches love this machine because of its manual operation, high quality and sturdy built, ease of use and accuracy of pitch. Click here to read customer reviews.


  1. It doesn’t require any electricity to operate which is a huge plus for away games.
  2. It is extremely light weight and can easily fit into the trunks of most cars.
  3. It doesn’t cause any damage to the ball and so any type of ball can be used. The small plastic balls that are mostly used in pitching machines do not give a real baseball experience. Hence, the ability to use any type of ball is a huge plus.
  4. It is very easy to operate and use. Adjustments are also very simple. The box comes with a user manual and easy instructions that will quickly help you get the hang of it. Just a few trial and errors and you will be able to get the pitch of your choice.
  5. It has a slight inaccuracy. Although that is a drawback caused by manual spring tension, many coaches consider it a plus point, as a real pitcher never throws a ball at the exact same point every time. Hence, it gives a more realistic experience.
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  1. Balls are not always in the strike zone. It starts to creep out at times.
  2. The speed and height adjustments require a little fine tuning and might be hard to understand for the first time.
  3. The speed range for regular baseballs is between 18-45 mph, which might limit its use for experienced players.
  4. It is unable to throw curveballs and sliders.
  5. It is a little expensive, especially considering its manual operation.


Overall, the Louisville Slugger UPM45 is a highly recommended training tool for parents and coaches who are tired of trying to throw the ball in an already small strike zone of their kids. Plus, with reliable and consistent pitches that are almost always accurate, the machine gives a good opportunity for young players to perfect their hitting skills. Set it up before a game and your kid might even make a mark on everyone.

It is truly the best pitching machines of its kind.

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