Marucci Chase Utley Maple wood review

If you are looking for the top wooden youth baseball bat, then we believe the Marucci Chase Utley fits the bill. The other bats in our list of the best have primarily focused on those made of composite materials. However, there are some leagues or even tournament where a player is required to use a wooden baseball bat instead. If that fits your league or team, then please continue reading our review of this premier Marucci bat.

Features of the Marucci Chase Utley

Although composite bats are still the primary choice used by many leagues across the US, there are several states such as New York and North Dakota who have already banned the use of composite at the high school level. In addition to this, many academies are recommending younger player at least train with a wooden bat as it produces better swing technique and improves hand eye coordination. In other words, if you can hit well with a wooden bat, then composite will be even easier.

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The main inclusions in the Marucci Chase Utley include:

  • Carefully crafted – The nice thing about a Marucci bat is the careful manufacturing process that takes place. Made by hand, each and every Marucci bat promises to use the top Maple from naturally grown trees.
  • Bone rubbing – Back in the olden days, players would use old cow bones to rub their bats. What this did was compress the wood making it sturdier and better performing. The team at Marucci has applied the same technique to the Chase Utley Maple Wood bat. After all if it worked for famous sluggers like Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth back then, it will surely work today as well.
  • Beautiful finish – Nothing beats a wooden baseball bat with a nicely coated finish. In this bat Marucci has used what they call an Ultra Penetrating Stain to give an incredible looking black finish as evidenced by the photo used on this page.
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We certainly believe when it comes to wooden baseball bats that the Marucci Chase Utley is the best bat for youth players. Not only will it help you perform better but it will get you more used to the bats used by top level leagues like the majors. As mentioned earlier if you can master your swing with a wooden bat, you’ll have no trouble with others.

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