New Balance 3000 Cleats Review

If you want to be an elite baseball player you have to wear the cleats that elite players wear. The New Balance 3000 baseball cleats are a pair that you will see some of the best players wearing. The idea behind this shoe was to create the exact same feeling you would get when you wear a new balance running shoe. In other words, New Balance wanted to ensure you had the ultimate in comfort while you were out on the baseball field. This review is dedicated to the baseball version of the New Balance 3000.

Top Features in the New Balance 3000

As we all know, there is a lot that goes on during the course of a baseball game. You already have enough to worry about. The last thing you want on your mind is your feet and how they feel. And one of the ways they ensure this shoe is super comfortable is with the technology Revlite. Revlite is a revolutionary cushioning system that is used in New Balance running shoes.

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The New Balance 3000 is the first time this technology has been used in a baseball shoe. Revlite is a foam that is 30% lighter than other competitive foams. As a result this baseball shoe is extremely light. And its not just for the lows, it makes the mids extremely light as well. When you put this shoe on you will be pleasantly surprised at how light it is. Mark Clinard, the SBU Manager for New Balance Baseball describes it as the perfect blend between comfort and lightweight. He says the goal is to make sure that by the ninth inning your feet still feel as good as they did in the first.

The platform of this show gets its roots from traditional baseball. If you look at the bottom of the shoe you will notice that it is nice and wide. The spikes are also placed in a traditional manner. The idea behind the shoe is to give you a wide base to make it easy for you to move and balance. And with the Revlite technology you won’t feel the pressure of the spikes like you do with other baseball cleats.

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And because you don’t feel that pressure you are able to play a complete game without ever worrying about your feet. Another thing that’s great about this shoe is the increased size of the toe wrap in the forefront of the shoe. This helps with toe drag and the durability of the shoe. They also added toe protect into the cleat which only adds to the durability.

And last but not least lets talk about the New Balance Fit you will find with all New Balance baseball cleats. The new tongue on the New Balance 3000 baseball cleat is made of a foam that is thin and very responsive. When you try on the shoe you will notice the foam literally hugs your foot to give you the ultimate in comfort. It also helps to alleviate the pressure that you will often feel from the laces.

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