Nokona Buffalo Combo review

Although more expensive than most are willing to pay, the Nokona Buffalo Combo youth baseball glove is perfect for competitive players. Nokona gloves have in the past only been made for adult players but this model is the first that has been made specifically for younger players. Measuring in a length of 10.5”, this glove is perfect for all positions around the diamond, especially at the youth level. This page features our review of the Buffalo Combo, and takes a look at the top features included.

Is the Buffalo Combo worth the money?

Buffalo Combo Youth Glove


As we mentioned earlier, the Nokona Buffalo Combo is going to be much more expensive than what most are willing to pay. However if you are at the competitive level and are looking for the best glove available, then this might be what you need. The main features are:

  • Buffalo leather – Using only the best premium Buffalo leather, the Buffalo Combo is one the strongest and most durable gloves out there. This leather also allows the glove to feel soft as well allowing for increased comfort.
  • Handmade – Instead of being made by machine, each Buffalo Combo is handmade ensuring that you are getting the highest quality glove possible. Based out of Nocona, Texas, you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing your glove has been produced locally as well.
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Final thoughts on the Buffalo Combo

We really like the Buffalo Combo youth baseball glove as it features incredible durability and is probably the highest quality glove available. However it comes with an expensive price tag largely due to the careful construction process it goes through. If price is a concern or if you are a new player, you may want to check out the Akadema Prodigy instead.

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