Reebok Zigtech Cleats Review

This page is dedicated to our review of the Reebok Zigtech baseball cleats which come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. There are also different versions that will provide you with a different look and feel. But no matter what version you choose, you will see they all have one thing in common. They are one heck of a baseball shoe. They have everything high performing baseball cleats need and more. This review looks at the main features that make this shoe an awesome baseball cleat.

Detailed overview of the Reebok Zigtech series

This section of our review focuses on the main features of the Reebok Zigtech cleats and how they’ll make you a better baseball player. First off the cleats are very lightweight. A heavy shoe is a never a good thing in the game of baseball. Heavy shoes will only slow you down. If you have every worn heavy baseball shoes you know exactly what I mean. There is a huge difference between a heavy shoe and a lightweight shoe. When a shoe is lightweight it allows you to get around the bases much quicker and with less effort.

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The second feature is stability and durability. The game of baseball is a very rigorous sport. You have to be able to take off with maximum speed and stop at the drop of a dime. In order to do that you need a shoe that is stabile and durable. It has to be able to hold up under the pressure of all the multi directional movements you are often forced to do. The Reebok Zigtech Cleats can do just that.

Next up we have traction. What would a baseball cleat be without traction? It would be just another casual sneaker. Traction is one of the most important parts of a baseball cleat. After all, you do a lot of running, jumping and sliding in the game of baseball. Without traction you wouldn’t be able to take off with an explosive first step. And as we all know, the first step is the most important step. The faster you get out the gate the better.

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Last but not least lets talk about cushioning and comfort. The Reebok Zigtech Baseball cleat uses a OrthoLite footbed for the ultimate in cushioning. When you are running around on the baseball field you put a lot of pressure on your cleats. Many times you can feel the cleats pushing up against the bottom of your feet. With the OrthoLite footbed you don’t have to worry about that.

Not only will you get the ultimate in cushion, you will also get friction reduction and anti microbial technologies. All of this works together to make the Reebok Zigtech Baseball Cleats super comfortable. And for all of my pitchers out there, ToeTection has been added to the toe area. This will help protect your toe from the drag that occurs when you are pitching the ball.

If you don’t have to worry about drag you will be able to pitch the ball with more accuracy and more speed. And let us not forget about the PlayDry moisture wicking mesh. Keeping your feet cool and dry during a game is very important. With this material your feet will stay cool and dry allowing you to play your game that much better.

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