Choosing a brand new bat: How to Size a Baseball Bat

Choosing a brand new bat is one of the most important things you will ever do as a baseball player. And while there are a variety of different methods and measurements you can use when choosing a bat, the best metric by far is simply what feels comfortable to you.

When you are trying out new bats, take a few practice swings to see how it feels. As you are trying out each bat, go up one inch at a time until you find one that works great for your. Going up one inch at a time will make it a lot easier for you to adjust to your new bat. It will also ensure your swing isn’t negatively affected.

Whether you are just starting to play the game of baseball or you are in need of a new bat, follow these 3 simple steps to properly measure yourself.


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Step #1 – Start by measuring from the center of your chest all the way to the tip of your index finger. Make sure your arm is completely straight. You will then need to use one of the many free sizing charts online to determine the proper bat size for your height and weight.

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Once you have the bat size there are two more steps you need to take to determine if the size you chose is indeed the right fit.

Step #2 – Hold the bat in your hand and put it down your side. If the palm of your hand reaches the handle, that is a sure sign you have the right sized bat.

Step #3 – The last step is to take the bat and place the knob at the center of your chest. Make sure the bat is facing outward. The goal is to be able to grab the barrel of the bat. If you can, that means you have the right size. If you can’t, you need to try a different size.

Measuring Youth players For The Right Bat Size

If you are looking for a bat for a youth level player, the way you measure for it will be somewhat different. Here are the 3 steps to measuring a child for a baseball bat.

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Step #1 – Measure The Child’s Height – Be sure to measure your child’s height with cleats on. If your child is 3’ and 3’4”, a 26 inch bat may be the best size to start with. As your child gets taller, increase the bat size 1 inch at a time.

Step #2 – Compare The Child To The Bat – Have your child stand up next to the bat. The goal is for the bat to reach the child’s hip. If the bat exceeds or goes past the hip area, it will be too long for your child to swing. Go down 1 inch at a time until you find the right size.

Step #3 – Weigh Your Child

Weight plays a major role in determining which bat your child will be able to swing. Again, use one of the free online charts to determine the right bat for your child’s height and weight. In most cases a child 60 pounds and under should use a bat between 26 and 29 inches long. Children weighing more than 70 pounds should use bats between 28 and 32 inches. Some more tips can be seen in the following video:

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