The Differences Between Single Wall and Double Wall Softball Bats

Single wall bats and double wall softball bats are used all of the time by softball professionals. However, there are some big differences between single and Double wall bats.

Single wall softball Bats have much better popping action. Sports professionals do prefer this type as opposed to Double Wall Bats. Which would prove to be a definite advantage to a professional sports team. Popping action ultimately permits the ball to travel a greater distance.

One disadvantage to Single Wall Bats is the fact that they can easily break. This type is designed with a one piece alloy design with a single barrel wall construction. This Bats are more commonly used by players in more restrictive leagues.

For example, a Demarini Single Alloy Bat is made by combining zinc to aluminum. It vary in price.

The Double wall bat gives the hitter less pop. Therefore, the ball will not travel as far when hit. However- this kind of bat provides better durability and will more than likely last much longer. Half composite/ half aluminum bat.

Bats of this kind generally produce less vibration within the handle of the bat. The reason that less of a vibration is produced due to the seperation of the handle and barrel.

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Alloy bats are generally made with a one piece design. Alloy bats are almost always made from aluminum. Single wall bats are always preferred among sports professionals. Actually, sometimes team regulations state that all players must use a Single Wall Bat.

Single wall aluminum bats produce speeds of 90-96 mph. Double wall aluminum bats will produce ball speeds of 96-100 mph. It appears that composite bats have a variety of advantages over aluminum bats. Composite bats actually cover a wide range of performance.

Comparison of Popular Brands Single and Double Bats

De Marini produces a fine line of both single and double wall bats. For example, the De Marini One Single wall Bat provides excellent grip control. In addition, the De Marini Bat is a well constructed Single wall Bat that provides minimum vibration as well as exceptional grip control. The One Adult Bat is currently good priced on amazon.

The De Marini SF-7 Slow Pitch Double Wall Bat is approximately 34 inches and weighs 30 ounces. The SF-7 is a one piece Alloy type design which allows you to feel more of the bat in your hands.

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The De Marini SF-8-ASA has a double layered Alloy barrel. The barrel length of the SF-8 ASA is approximately 13 inches. The bat offers a stiff grip for a much greater feel. This Double Wall Bat is reasonably priced at amazon.

Easton Salvo also produces a complete line of single and double wall batsThe Easton IMX Single Wall Bat comes with advanced composite barrel. In addition, the bat has a single system composite design. The special composite design increases over batting control. The bats handle has an ultra thin gauze grip.

Rawlings is also a popular name when it comes to quality single and double wall bats. The Rawlings Trip 3 Piece Hybrid Bat weighs approximately 3 ounces. This single wall bat has durable composite handle as well as a high-powered Alloy Barrel.

The increased swing speed makes this Single Wall Bat quite popular among professional athletes. A Premium Synthetic Leather Grip has been added to this attractive Hybrid Bat for better and more stable grip control.

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The Rawlings-Velo Balanced 3 ounce Single Wall Bat is constructed with Precision Performance Technology. This bat provides explosive swing speed and exceptional balance. The stiff Alloy handle prevents slippage. The Rawlings Velo Balanced Bat displays a special logo of certification. This is one of Rawlings top selling bats that carries a good price.

Rawlings 5150-Alloy BBCOR Single Wall Bat offers transcending speed and exceptional balance. Balance and speed are important factors especially while on the playing field. The synthetic leather grip allows for better handling. This bat is one of Rawlings newer models that was introduced in 2015.


Both Single and Double Wall Softball bats are still both frequently used. However, Single Wall Bats do offer some advantages over the Double Wall Softball bats. Professional Softball Players usually prefer the Single Wall as opposed to the Double bat. However, it boils down to a matter of personal choice.

Keep in mind Double and Single Wall bats vary in price. It may be important to find the best quality bat without having to spend a fortune.

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