The Worlds Best Fastpitch Softball Teams

USA softball team names a new roster each year before the season begins. These fastpitch softball teams participate in a number of different invitational tournaments or competitions throughout the season. The year 2009 saw these teams play in four major competitions with teams from around the world. Many of the players on these fastpitch softball teams have the opportunity to represent their country once every four years when the summer Olympics come around. The United States team earned the silver medal in this competition and held its place among the worlds best fastpitch softball teams. Having won the gold medal in the three previous competitions, the Olympic committee has decided to remove the sport from the 2012 games. Slow pitch softball team participation is most commonly seen at the youth level.

The first US softball team competed in 1965. A team from Stratford Connecticut won the National Championship in 1964 and was chosen to represent the country in the first ISF Women’s World Championship. By 1990, the champions were no longer automatically gifted the privilege of representing the US. Instead, the ASA (American Softball Association) decided to follow suit of other countries and pick a group of all star players to be their representatives.

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In 1991, the ruling was made to include softball in the summer Olympics and the Atlanta Games in 1996 saw its first game. Since that moment, the US softball team has earned number Olympic medals and a total of seven World Championships. The World Cup of Softball has been created to make up for the loss of Olympic slot and will host the top countries in the world. The original game in 2006 took place in Oklahoma City, with the game changing location each season. The 2010 championships will take place in Venezuela. This event has quickly established itself as the premier event in the softball community. As the fan base for the sport grows, the hopes that it will be allowed back into the Olympics is the goal of the entire softball community.

National teams are built each year for both a men’s and woman’s league. Many of the players return each season, building a strong bond and a team built with amazing talent. Camps and clinics are held throughout the summer to provide tips to youth players who are looking to perfect their level of skill. The advice of players who have accomplished so much is beneficial to any player. The USA softball team names its coaching staff and players for the up coming season and requires their participation at these clinics.

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