Top 10 Best Baseball Bats on the Market for 2016

Baseball is America’s favorite pastime and having the right type of equipment helps players to perform at their best. Good equipment also helps players to develop their fundamentals. Here is a look at the top 10 best baseball bats for 2016 that you and your team can use to perfect your skills and get the big hits that you have been training for during the off season.

1. Easton S500 Youth Baseball Bat

The Easton S500 is one of the best baseball bat’s on the market for kids. This bat is made from an aircraft alloy and is light to the touch.

It is designed for a quick swing speed and has a great grip. A batter can perform a wide variety of batting maneuvers with this unit. They can bunt, make base hits, perform contact or pull hits with the Easton S500.

The bat comes in the colors gray/yellow or yellow. This bat has a 29/32” handle and a 21/4” barrel. The unit is 28” long and it weighs 15oz or about a pound.

2. The Easton S50 Youth Baseball Bat

When a baseball player grips the Easton S50 they will be getting a superior batting product that is easy to manipulate and practical to use.

As a part of Brigade’s series the bat was made with a light barrel that is easy to swing and hold. The bat is evenly balanced and its design allows players to efficiently hit the ball without exerting a lot of force and momentum.

The tapered handle has a cushioned grip that adds comfort and control. Players can swing this bat at a rapid pace since it is like an extension of their body. This bat is specifically designed for young and beginning hitters. The bat is sold in a red color though some other hues are available.

3. The Easton MAKO Aluminum Youth Tee-Ball Bat

Easton’s MAKO is easy to swing and it is bat that hitter needs to possess when they are trying to get a base hit or make a home run.

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The aluminum core is durable and solid for young hitters trying to knock balls out of the park. This bat has a grip that allows inexperienced players to get the most out of their game.

The bat is 24” long and weighs about pound. This bat is sold in the dual colors black and green.

4. Easton S300 Youth Baseball Battlefield

The era of wooden bats have come to an end. While companies still make these older style of bats they use modern materials for the newer styles.

The Easton S300 is a part of the Speed Brigade Series which means that this bat was manufactured for quick hits and pop fly’s. A player can does not have to struggle trying to keep this bat up and level.

The bat is made out of an aircraft alloy and durable and rugged for continual usage. The S300 is sold in the colors blue and black and alternate colors are available.

5. Louisville Slugger YBAR152 Youth 2015 Armor (-12) Baseball Battlefield

Louisville Slugger is a name that is often associated with baseball. The Louisville Slugger series of bats have been in use for years.

These particular hitting shafts have a vibration dampening end cap that is designed to contain the force inside of a bat for greater hitting power. The YBAR152 is made out of aluminum as is designed for big hits.

The Slugger YBAR152 is available in many colors but is primarily sold in green and gray.

6. 2015 Rawlings YBLA4 Plasma Youth USSSA/Little League 2 ¼ Baseball Bat

Rawlings has the YBLA4 Plasma Youth bat has a 2 ¼ inch barrel and is made for young hitters.

The bat is sold in the colors silver and black and is made out of an Aerospace Plasma Alloy. It weighs in at about 1 pound and is 28” long.

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The unit is easy to manipulate and players can control it without having to struggle to get a hit. The balanced grip makes it comfortable to hold and people can transfer their swing power effectively throughout the unit.

7. Marucci Cat 6 BBCOR Baseball Bat

The Marucci Cat BBCOR Baseball Bat is a part of the Marucci series of bats that uses anti-vibration technology to stabilize the shaft. If a batter misses a pitch or hits a foul this bat will reduce the after shock form the momentum that was generated. It will also dampen hits that bounce off of the bat.

The Marucci is all about forces shock absorption and the bat does this well. This unit also has an extended barrel that is perfect for hitting and energy transfer.

The Cat 6 has a ring free barrel and a one-piece alloy construction. The color for this bat is white with red and gray trim.

8. DeMarini 2015 CF7 Youth Big Barrel (2 5/8-Inch) Baseball Bat (-10)

The DeMarini 2015 CF7 Youth Big Barrel (2 5/8-Inch) Baseball Bat is a light swing hitting shaft with a composite barrel.

The composite barrel is not only light it is also longer which means that a player has a large sweet spot for hitting home runs. The best part of this bat is that it absorbs the energy and forces from contact with a ball to make powerful hits.

Once the ball is hit away from the bat it will soar through the air with concentrated energy. Hitters of all ages and sizes will be able to make bigger hits and execute a wide variety of hitting tactics. This unit has a D-Fusion handle that gets rid of vibration.

The manufacturers have flamed sealed the handled to the barrel to help reduce vibration. This bat is so advanced that it should be used exclusively for the pros.

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It comes in the colors silver with blue trim or sliver with orange highlights.

9. Mizuno 2014 Classic Bamboo Wood Baseball Bat

Wood is a substance that is no longer used all that much for baseball bats.

However, some companies such as Mizuno still makes their bats out of this material. The Mizuna 2014 bat is one example of a finely crafted baseball bat for the modern era. It has a classic wood base finish and is relatively light to the touch for a baseball bat.

A person will not have to struggle to pick it up and swing it to make a hit. It has a sanded grip and a smooth finish. This bat is designed as a training bat to help players to develop their hitting skills.

The Mizuna Bamboo Wood Bat in a dark brown color with white trim. Some of the other models are blue or black with classic wood highlights.


When it is time to go to war on the baseball field, you need to call out the heavy artillery.

The Combat PG4YB110 is the type of armament that is needed for big hits. This bat is designed for easy hitting because it has an extended hitting surface. This will increase a player’s ability to make contact with a ball.

The unit has a big barrel and a wide sweet spot for knocking the ball into the stands. While the bat is big and imposing it is fairly light for its size. It weighs in at about a pound and half. It has a seamless construction from the end grip to the knob.

This seamless design does not create any weak spots on the shaft. This bat is sold in the colors orange and black but other colors are available as well.

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