Top 12 Cheap Fastpitch Softball Bats for 2016

There are many fastpitch softball bats that are available for cheap. Don’t worry if you can’t find any bat on budget because we are here to highlight the best fastpitch softball bats and quick reviews. So, you can read the reviews and make a final decision to select and purchase your bats.

1. Louisville Slugger 2012 TPS Quest Fastpitch Softball Bat

Do you want to play with the best fastpitch softball bat in the upcoming tournament? Then, this softball bat is perfect for you because of its speed and longer sweet spot. Louisville Slugger brand has designed the softball bat especially for the young players who want to play with a lightweight bat.

The lightweight feature has given the quickest bat speed to the players. Moreover, the traditional bottle design barrel will give you a longer sweet spot to have a good playing time. As a result, you will have a successful plate in the game.

Aluminum is used to make the barrel that increases the reliability of the bat. Moreover, the end cap design will give you another power hit opportunity during the game. The 7/8-inch standard handle with synthetic grip is a good way to play with the bat. As the handle is ergonomic friendly designed, you will never feel uncomfortable for hitting a big shot in the game.

This is the official fastpitch softball bat of Major League Baseball. Therefore, you can easily measure the quality and performance of the bat. The fastpitch bat is approved by ASA, USSSA, ISF, NSA, and ISA. It is only available at -12 lengths to weight ratio design for the players.

Pros– The fastpitch bat is lightweight with good speed and great sweet spot.

Cons – None found yet

2. Mizuno G5 Jennie Finch (-11.5) Bat

The Mizuno G5 Jennie Finch fastpitch bat is suitable for the young players because this is lightweight and durable. Innovative MZ-1700 aluminum alloy is used in order to design the bat. Therefore, the quality of the bat improves very highly than you can imagine. In addition, this reduces the weight of the bat so that young players can easily get good control during hitting with the bat.

Because of being a lightweight softball bat, this will give you a real bat speed. Don’t worry because the barrel because this is durable. 2.25-inch barrel diameter is a standard for any game in softball field. The bat is approved by ISA, NSA, USSSA and ASA for playing in the tournament.

Currently, the bat is available -11.5 and -10.5 length to weight ratio. Therefore, you can purchase any of the bats for your game time. The exclusive cushioned grip option of the bat will help you to handle the bat smoothly and comfortably. The fastpitch bat is very lightweight and easy to use for any player.

3. DeMarini 2014 Uprising Fastpitch Softball Bat (-12)

DeMarini is one of the best brands for the fastpitch softball bat. The bat is designed with DX1 alloy that provides perfect balance of KSI strength to the bat. As a result, it always provides the maximum performance in every game.

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The bat is qualified for 1.20 BPF bat standard and also approved for playing by the NSA, ISA, ISF, ASA and USSSA. Therefore, you can easily understand the quality and perfection of the bat. The 2-piece grip with thin performance feel is a good addition to the bat.

The 2 1/4″ barrel is a cool design with a good color combination. Therefore, you can choose the suitable barrel length and weight of the softball bat.

Pros– The bat is durable, lightweight with comfortable grip handle

Cons– It vibrates when ball contacts the barrel

4. Easton MAKO 11 Fastpitch Softball Bat

The fastpitch softball bat is perfect for youth players who want power and performance in the bat. The MakoA barrel is enough powerful and gives the fast swing speed. Moreover, the aluminum alloy is very durable and powerful to hit any ball perfectly.

2 ¼-inch barrel diameters are quite perfect for the youth players. Don’t worry about the durability because the brand provides the customers one year limited warranty. The durable bat is approved by ASA, USSSA and ISA for playing.

There are several variations of the softball bat. As a result, you can pick any of the models that suit you and you feel comfortable.

Pros– The softball bat is powerful and durable along with lightweight. Therefore, this provides the best playing along with comfortable handle grip.

Cons– None

5. Easton FP14S200 FS200-10 Fastpitch Softball Bat

The fastpitch bat is made of durable aluminum alloy and comfortable cushioned grip. Therefore, this is very easy to pick and play in the game. Moreover, this is a perfect for practicing hitting the ball at any level o play.

The 31/32” handle good enough for having good play time. The balanced swing weight is suitable for any ages of players. This one piece construction has approved by ISF, SSUSA, NSA, USSSA and ASA organizations for playing.

Some of the variations of the fastpitch bat are available in the market.  This is an ultra-thin handle softball bat that is durable, lightweight and perfect for youths.

6. Easton FP14S300 FS300-11 Fastpitch Softball Bat

The fastpitch softball bat is constructed with durable aluminum alloy for long time performance. The 750 aircraft alloy is used for designing the bat. This helps to maintain a good sweet spot of the bat to make it powerful.

The 31/32-inch handle is the best option for the players who like to play with thin handle. In addition, the comfortable cushioned grip helps to feel comfortable during play time. The bat is certified by ISF, SSUSA, NSA, ASA and USSSA for meeting the standard.

However, the rest of the price options depend on the variations of the bats. So, choose the weight and length of the barrel depending on your body size!

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7. Easton FP14S400 FS400-12 Fastpitch Softball Bat

Do you want to purchase an affordable and quality bat for your kid? Then, this is a good option that is engineered by 7050 aircraft alloy aluminum that makes the bat lightweight. Moreover, you will get fast swing speed that increases the performance level.

Don’t worry about the standard certification of the softball bat because this is certified from SSUSA, ISF, ASA, ISA and USSSA. With cushioned grip design, you will always feel comfortable play time. Moreover, the ultra-thin 29/32 handle is quite comfortable to play for a long time.

The 2 ¼-inch barrel diameter is a good standard for any game time. Therefore, you will have a good structured bat for playing for your team. The price rises depending on your weight and barrel length selection. Do you want to know the variations of the bat? This is a quality fastpitch bat that is durable, ultra thin and lightweight. Therefore, this is perfect for the children play time.

8. Easton FP14S500 FS500-13 Fastpitch Softball Bat

This is a quality fastpitch softball bat that provides you ultra-thin handle with cushioned grip. Therefore, this will be a good addition to control and enjoy a good play time.

The 7050 aircraft alloy has been used in order to construct the fastpitch softball bat. As a result, you can expect to get durable performance with an immense sweet spot for performance.

Another amazing feature of the bat is its fast swing speed. Therefore, the youth do not need to give much effort during the play time. This is effortless practice and play time bat. ISF, USSSA, SSUSA, ASA and NSA organizations have certified the bat. This is a great fastpitch bat for the newbie and kids at affordable price with some good variations.

9. Easton FS50 Fastpitch Softball Bat

Easton brings another good quality softball bat for the girls with pink and white design. Therefore, girls love to have the bat that is very durable and easy to handle. The bat designs with cushioned grip for enhancing the comfort level for the young players.

The fastpitch bat is made of aluminum alloy that enhances the swing speed of the bat. Moreover, the quality improves when it use 2A1/4-inch diameter barrel for the bat. As a result, this is very much impressive as it follows the standard of the authorized organizations including NSA, SSUSA, USSSA, IFA and ASA.

So, the real fastpitch players will understand the difference of the bats and purchase the suitable one.  This is a durable fastpitch bat and good for the young players.

10. Easton FS200 Fastpitch Softball Bat

If you want looking for an affordable priced balanced bat for softball game, this is a good choice for you. The brand has manufactured the fastpitch bat with durable aluminum alloy that makes it lightweight. As a result, you will get immense swing speed from the bat.

The 31/32-inch handle will give you the best way to play and hit dramatic shots in the play time. In addition, the all sports grip with extra cushioned is really an impressive addition for the players. Therefore, this bat is really a good way to start practicing and playing fastpitch games.

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The manufacturer will provide you 1 year limited warranty. You do not need to worry about the standard because ASA, USSSA, NFA have certified the bat. Therefore, measure your body and select the right barrel length and weight fastpitch bat for your play time. The bat is durable alloy construction along with comfortable grip for playing for a long time.

11. Easton 2015 FP15MKY MAKO -11 Youth Fastpitch Softball Bat

You should not have any doubt on the MAKO fastpitch softball bat because the name is the guarantee about the quality, performance and durability of the bat. The bat provides light swing weight to the young and entry level players to get good speed and more power in the game time.

Aluminum allow with end cap is used to construct the durable bat. You will get ultra thin composite handle that is very effect for playing games. In addition, the cushioned grip to handle 2 ¼-inch diameter barrel is quite good selection by the manufacturer.

This bat is certified from USSSA, ASA, NSA, ISA, SSUSA, and ISF because of the performance and meeting every requirement for offering good play time. Don’t about the weight of the length of the bat because it provides multiple choice to the players including. Durable construction with low price.

12. Easton 2015 JBB15MKB MAKO COMP 2 3/4-Inch -12 Junior Big Barrel Baseball Bat

If you are looking for a perfect baseball bat, this can be a good choice according to your low budget. The composite handle will give you the best way to play the game. The cushioned grip makes the bat very comfortable to handle for a long time.

IMX composite construction ensures the sweet spot of the bat and increases the performance level. Therefore, this will boost your performance and hitting power in the game. However, you will not get any pop power in the bat. Sometimes, this will trouble you with its vibration problem.

However, the bat is USSSA certified and available in different barrel length and weight. The baseball bat for junior is recommended for 8 years kid or less with variations of barrel length and weight.

Pros: This is durable bat and perfect for good performance.

Cons: Zero Pop and vibration problem

You’re planning to purchase the good fastpitch softball bats on your budget. These are the best affordable fastpitch softball bats that you can consider for purchase. You have to go with the best seller on the market so that you can find a suitable and powerful bat for your game. We reviewed the bats so that you can decide easily to purchase a perfect fastpitch softball bat. As a result, the price level will go with your budget and ensure good performance in the play time.

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