What Are Agility Drills For Baseball?

If you look at baseball as a game, it works on a set of techniques and a very helpful protocol. In fact, the use of baseball drills as part of the game pattern helps the coach and the players to know their game better and make it better based on the requirement. After all, there is no end to improvisation, the more you work on it, chances of making it better, and enhancing your game are high. In fact, for something as tricky as throwing a cutter in baseball, you need to work towards it, gain immense practice.

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Gaining Agility

Agility is something that is most appreciated in baseball and one must get up to it. It is one attribute that can take you far in your game. This is why every baseball players strives to working towards it. While looking into other aspects like fitness, you should not stop working on agility. Many players have garnered the super sports start agility based on their dedication and improvisation of their performance. Speed as we know plays a major role and if you get better at it, and are able to switch better through the different directions, you can achieve greater agility.

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Agility Drills

Not many know about the baseball agility drills, which help in enhancing the confidence of the player and at the same time improving their game. Here are some of the most sought out drills that coaches recommend. These help not just in improving the footwork but also in establishing the agile.

Lateral Bounds

The name says it all, in this drill, you need to aid it towards lateral speed. It makes it easier to hit, plant as well the cut the ball. Of course, you need enough practice for this technique, for which, you need to stand using your right foot, jump higher to your limits and towards to the left side of the left foot. By repeating this, you are learning to do the lateral bound with the help of your left leg. When you perform around two or three sets of it, you are training yourself to be attuned to this technique.

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Base Rotations

When it comes to base rotation, start by imagining a big X on the ground. When you place the feet at the X terminal, make your shoulders to square up and go in for a 45-degree hip rotation. While trying to do the rotation, make sure your feet shifts from one point on the X to another. Simultaneously, bring in the rotation of the lower body too. The shoulders remain the same, move forward to work the arms in the other direction as opposed to that of your legs. While doing this in at least two to three sets of few seconds each, you can bring in the agility element to your game.

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Three-Hurdle Drill

In this drill, you train yourself to perform better and quicker between your feet. It aids better fielding experience; the reaction time is also reduced and allows you to work quickly with lot of speed during the running. While performing this drill, you should mark a three to six inch obstacle, being apart one yard each.

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You need to straddle the initial hurdle using your left food that should be on the outer side of the hurdle. Then, work on dashing it laterally across the hurdles onto the right. While you come onto the last hurdle, put your right foot; try to be in that position for at least three seconds before shifting the base. When you repeat these sets for at least six times, you can train yourself to perform better over the course some practice sessions.


Coaches strive to get their players into different routines to master the game. While some of them work on idea on baseball team names, the rest look for objectivity of the game, understand it better, gain agility, strength, power, stamina and of course speed. While practicing harder, they get into their best shape. If your kid plays baseball, try to get them into such routines, as they might be rigorous, but these drills is what makes a player into a fine product. This is how the superior players got to where they are today.

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