What Are Fastpitch and Slow Pitch Softball Equipments?

Youth softball equipment bags are helpful in making sure that all the necessary items accompany a player to practice and games. Baseball softball equipment bags come in a variety or styles and sizes and have special pouches that house a players bat.

While the given bat and glove are required for play, some players require additional protection. Softball sports equipment includes cleats, the proper uniform, and batting helmet.

In some leagues, infield helmets are also required. Softball catchers equipment lists are even larger containing shin guards, full coverage helmets with masks, and chest guards. Fastpitch softball equipment is the same as slow pitch.

All batters in a fast pitch softball game is required to wear a hat while batting. In slow pitch helmets are mandatory for youth players, but are optional for adult players. Softball catchers equipment varies between fast and slow pitch games. Only at the adult level, slow pitch players are allowed to go without a catcher’s mask. Even though it is recommended, fast pitch players can opt to go unmasked at the adult level as well. Any player can chose to wear a mask even if they are not a catcher to prevent facial injuries, but the mask must adhere to regulations.

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Other equipment that is common for softball players are slider pants. They are worn under shorts and are built with extra padding to protect players who slide into the bases feet first. They are not required, but are recommended.

Depending on the players position on the field, fastpitch softball equipment will differ. Defensive players are required to wear fielding gloves, while first basemen and the catcher use mitts. These mitts differ from gloves based on the extra padding to protect the hand from the extreme pace of the ball. Softball rules state that gloves can not be the same color as the softball, even the stitching. Softball gloves are generally larger than baseball gloves since the size of the softball is bigger than that of a baseball.

The size of the ball changes depending on the division of play. Bats are made with larger barrels than for baseball so that there is more room for contact.

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Each team is provided with a rules and regulations book at the beginning of each season to ensure that the players equipment is legal. There is a range of equipment sizes that are legal to insure that each player can find the best bat and glove for their level of performance. Youth softball equipment bags are necessary to keep up with all the required pieces.

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