What Is The Deal With Gold Chains In Baseball?

If you have ever watched baseball, you have probably noticed there are many things that are common in the baseball community. Baseball has a very strong culture and trends spread among players and have a way of working their way into the behaviors of the entire sport. A good example of this is the spread of chewing tobacco years ago. Rather than something that just a few players engaged in, it became a sport wide phenomenon that ingrained itself in the culture. While chewing tobacco has become a taboo subject in baseball, and the sport as a whole is trying to move away from it, there are trends that still are alive and well in the baseball community. One of these trends is wearing large golden chains. Who does this and why? Well, hopefully, I can answer some of these questions.

What Is The Deal With Players And Gold Chains?

There are plenty of rituals in the baseball community that many people on the outside may see as strange. One cultural thing that is prevalent in the baseball community is large golden chains. Many baseball players wear these chains. You may have noticed while watching a major league game, when you see the players fiddling with their collar, trying to arrange the gold chains that have escaped from under their shirt or even one of the large clunkier chains that some players wear over their shirt. There are a few different styles of gold chains that players wear; some are more noticeable than others.


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It has become a style that is very popular in the baseball community, and it is a way to fit in with the big boys once you make it to the majors. All kinds of players started wearing chains as decorative chains and the trend caught on. So for the most part, golden chains are just a popular style choice in baseball.

Though there are some, that wear them for a different reason. There is a group of players known as the chain gang. This group of players insists on wearing gold chains on the field no matter how uncomfortable or inconvenient they end up being. It takes more than just throwing on any old necklace to be a member of the chain gang, though; you have to make the cut and live up to some specific standards. The necklaces worn by the chain gang have to be shiny. Necklaces worn by chain gang members are also often knobby and quite heavy. Chain gang members get extra praise if they wear their necklaces in full view, out and proud.


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It may seem like the sport is filled with the golden bling around players necks and you would be right. It may be quite difficult to come up with a list of players that do not wear gold chains in fact. This trend is not something that is incredibly new to baseball. There are examples of players wearing gold chains through the history of the sport.

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Although you may notice that not all the necklaces that baseball players wear are golden chains. There are some other kinds of necklaces that baseball players wear fro very different reasons.

What Other Necklaces Do Baseball Players Wear?

On top of the shimmering golden bling that many players wear you may see that some of the players wearing other kinds of necklaces. These necklaces are not designed to be pretty, and in fact, are a bit odd when you pair them with the decorative look of the gold chains that are so popular in the baseball community. Another popular necklace that baseball players wear appear to be braided ropes.

These thick rope like braided necklaces have just recently started making an appearance on the scene and are growing in popularity. If the players are willing to accessorize for style, why would they put on these simple looking braided necklaces? They are not particularly flashy and don’t mesh well with the golden bling that so many players love to wear.

These braided necklaces are said to have health benefits and many players believe that they improve athletic performance. Not everyone believed in the real effectiveness of these kinds of necklaces, but enough of the baseball players do to keep the superstition alive, and so the trend lives on.

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These kinds of necklaces are said to increase circulation and ease muscles making the players more relaxed and this more apt to play better. While it may seem silly, it is another in a long line of tricks and trends that filter through baseball. There have been countless trends that have promised to give players of the sport an edge, and the players have always been willing to try anything for an advantage.

These necklaces may not have the shining appeal of the golden chains, but they are almost as popular now as the chains are. Even if these braided accessories don’t have a real scientifically provable advantage, maybe there is a perceived change, and that is good enough.

Style Forever

Players love to look good, and trends have a way of catching fire in the culture of baseball. If the best players are doing a thing, there are plenty of up and comers that emulate what they see to be part of the club. Trends then spread and become part of the culture. Gold chains are no exception. This trend is pretty unique to baseball as there are not many athletes that would wear something like this on the field. But baseball players are proud of their style and like to show it off.

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