Easton XL3 Review

If you are looking for one of the most powerful bats available in 2015, then you should pay close attention to our Easton XL3 review. While the Easton Mako provides hitters with the best combination of bat speed and power, the XL3 gives a comparable power stroke with a slight sacrifice in bat speed. So if you are a bit bigger, or stronger than the rest of your peers, you might want to look into the XL3 to harness all of that power.

Easton XL1 Feature Set

A few years ago, Easton introduced the Power Brigade series of baseball bats designed for two distinct players: those looking for quicker swings, and those looking for increased power. The XL3 series is one from the later which is primarily used for hitting homers. Some of the more specific features include:

  • Heavy bat – Although some would consider this a disadvantage, stronger players would consider this to be a huge advantage. With more mass, the potential is there for a tremendous amount of power generation. However the hitter needs to have the speed to get around to the pitch which is why the player must be strong to use this bat.
  • Built with the best materials – The XL3 and S3 bats in the Power Brigade series use a one-piece system that consists of an Hyperlite Matrix Alloy. This alloy is incredibly durable and strong.
  • End-loaded – With a slightly more end loaded swing, you’ll more than likely be able to add 10-20 extra feet on your swings, especially when making good contact.
  • Approved for all major youth leagues – The XL3 has been approved for all of the top youth associations including Little League, Babe Ruth, Pony, Dixie, and USSSA.

Is the XL3 worth it?

If you are a competitive or top-level youth baseball player then we certainly feel the Easton XL3 would be a great fit. This is especially true if you are a power hitter or are a bit stronger than average. In fact you probably saw this bat used at the Little League World series last summer. However, if you are playing in a non-competitive or beginner level, we feel the XL3 might not be as necessary.

One of the greatest puzzles among baseball players is which bat is ideal for them. New players and young people bounce between their personal needs and the requirements of their league. And advanced players always seek for better solutions. One of the most reputed brands on the market is Easton. Throughout the years the company has manufactured innovative softball and baseball bats, which have gained the recognition of world-known players. And that’s not accidental since the company focuses on quality and advanced technology. Among other products, the Easton XL3 line has made an impression, but is not designed for all baseball players.

Our job here is to help you understand the features and purpose of Easton XL3 baseball bat products to make your choice easier. The selection of the right bat is always hard. One of the very first things you need to consider is which bat is accepted by your league. Then you have to combine the special features of each product with your characteristics. Your weight, height, age but also technique all make a difference to your choice.

As far as the baseball bat is concerned, you have to consider its weight and length as well as the difference between the two which makes the drop weight. This is a negative number which gives you the bat’s actual weight and helps you understand your own comfort zone. In this article, we provide you with Easton XL3 reviews for both senior and youth players in an effort to give you an idea of their characteristics and value for their money. Additionally, we take you through some main points regarding the products of the Easton company and compare the XL series with other Easton bat products. So stick around and let us take you to a short tour in the best Easton XL3 line baseball bats.

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Are Easton XL3 Bats What You’re Looking For? A Tour through Some Easton Bats

Let us start by saying that the Easton XL3 line is part of the Power Brigade series by the company. Older models by Easton included the Omen, Surge, and Rival lineups which have respectively changed into the S1 and XL1, S2 and XL2, and S3 and XL3 lines.

All models starting with an S (S1, S2, and S3) are under the umbrella of the Speed Series by Easton and are made to help baseball players enhance speed. The XL models are made for power hitters. The difference between the two lines has to do with the way the bat is made. This determines how it is used by the player. So, the S series have smaller barrels while the company has focused on increasing the weight of the handle for balanced swings. So if you want to strike the ball smoothly and increase the speed of the bat, you are actually looking for a bat from the S line.

But if you are a power hitter, you should consider buying an Easton XL3 -5 or -8 bat. When it comes to the XL3 bats, things are completely different. The bats of this series are made with a very long barrel but also have a large hitting zone. If you are used to focus on the sweet spot to hit the ball, you will need a period of adjustment with the Easton XL 3 bats. Although the expanded barrel and hitting zone seem the ideal combination, you will need to get used to the weight distribution. If not, the Easton XL3 big barrel might reduce the swing speed.

Now, you probably heard of Easton’s MAKO line. There are two models certified for adult and BBCOR and nine bats for senior leagues, but they are all two-piece bats made of composite materials whereas the XL3 bats are one-piece aluminum bats. So it depends on what you are looking for. Two-piece bats maximize the trampoline effect whereas one-piece ones aim at minimum flexibility and that’s why they are designed for power hitters. After all, composite bats are not permitted by all leagues, and so you should check with your league first.

Why Choose Easton XL3 Bats

Your question is probably why choose an Easton XL3 bat if you have to go through a period of adjustment. First of all, you can’t really avoid that. You need to allow some time to get adapted to any new bat. This is the so-called break-in period, but you shouldn’t physically break the bat on your own because this won’t increase its performance. Bats are affected by the weather, number of bat hits, ball type, and the player’s technique and so they will break on their own. What is noticed with Easton products is that their color might chip overtime, but the bat structure is not affected.

Bats are tested for their ABI (Accelerated Break In). This is a procedure during the testing of each product which shows the behavior of the bat as if it has been already used for a while and ensures that the bat will perform well during its lifespan. Another factor in favor of the company is that its products meet the BPF (Bat Performance Factor) standards. All softball organizations use several safety standards in order to determine whether the bat is legal for games and the BPF is one of them. This factor basically shows the trampoline effect of the bat, which doesn’t just increase performance but also protects from injuries. Additionally, as any other youth bat, Easton XL3 youth bats are certified by Little League, AABC, Babe Ruth Baseball, Pony Baseball, and Dixie Youth Baseball.

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Easton XL3 Reviews for Senior and Youth

Easton XL3 Senior Bats

The Easton XL 3 bats designed for senior players come out in drop 5 and 8 models. There isn’t an Easton XL3 -3 model. The only Easton bat with -3 drop weight is the MAKO XL -3, but this is a two-piece bat. And that’s important for you to know because the drop weight is vital. The smaller the number of the drop, the heavier the bat is and vice versa (when the drop is high, the bat is lighter). And that’s why the Easton XL3 line is exclusively designed for power hitters. These special bats have an end-loaded swing weight. Power hitters generate their force from swinging a heavy bat and these two models are quite heavy. So let’s take a closer look at the two XL3 bats designed for senior leagues.

#1. Easton Xl3 Senior League (-5) Baseball Bat

If you are looking for a one-piece bat to generate your power from its long barrel, this is an excellent option and great investment for its price. It features a monster extra-long barrel (2 5/8”), which will help you generate power when swinging it. Like the other XL models, due to its construction, it has a very big sweet spot. The barrel is made of HMXATM Hyperlite Matrix alloy which makes it durable. The 29/32” handle has a 1.2mm HYPERSKINATM grip. The bat is certified by USSSA (United States Specialty Sports Association) since it meets the BPF standards of 1.15 and has a -5 drop weight, which is exactly what extra power hitters need.

This bat model comes in three different sizes in terms of its length and weight: 30” and 26, 32” and 27, and 31” and 26. Price check for Easton Xl3 Senior League (-5) Baseball Bat is here.

2. Easton Xl3 2 5/8″ Big Barrel (-8) Baseball Bat


This product shares the same features as the first XL3 bat since it has a HMXATM Hyperlite Matrix alloy 2 5/8” barrel and a 29/32” handle with 1.2mm HYPERSKINATM grip and is certified by USSSA with BPF of 1.15 whereas its price is more or less the same as the previous product. The major difference is in its drop weight since this is an Easton XL3 -8 bat.

This product comes in the following sizes estimated in terms of length and weight: 30” and 22, 31” and 23, and 32” and 24. Price check for Easton Xl3 2 5/8″ Big Barrel (-8) Baseball Bat is here.

Why These Easton XL3 Bats are Suitable for Senior Players

These bats are designed for senior leagues, which permit 2 5/8” barrels. What makes them special is that they have a thin handle but comfortable grip (due to its material), which in combination with the extra-long sweet spot allow for stability during the hitting and faster swings thanks to their low drop weight. The Easton XL3 -5 bat puts more mass behind the ball and this allows the player to generate more power. It’s ideal for really muscled players. Since bats are selected based on your height and weight, you have choices since both bats are offered in three different sizes.

Easton XL3 Youth Bats

In the XL3 series, Easton makes one -11 bat for young players. As an overall, it’s pretty hard picking a youth bat, especially if the child is new to the game and not sure whether there is need for a heavy or light bat. The weight and height of the child also change quickly and that can be an issue too. But just like with adults, a bat must be chosen primarily by the height and weight of the young person. For example, a youngster weighing between 161 to 170 pounds and having a height of 5’5” to 5’8” will need a 33” bat. Keep in mind that the Easton XL3 youth bat is designed for power hitters. Just like the senior XL3 bats, the youth one has an end loaded swing weight which allows power hitters to swing faster. But if you are not a power hitter, you might find it difficult to control the bat in the strike zone. In this case, you might want to check the S3 Easton youth line. If you do have the muscles, check out its characteristics right below.

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3. Easton XL3 ALUMINIUM Youth Baseball Bat


Its great characteristics justify its relatively high price if you consider that young people might need to get a new bat soon. But this is a great product because it features a 21/4” barrel, which is made of HMXATM Hyperlite Matric alloy and a thin 29/32” handle with 1.2 HYPERSKINATM grip which makes it very comfortable. It is USSSA 1.15 BPF certified and just like the senior bats in this line, it has an expanded sweet spot.

It comes out in 4 different sizes so that you can find the right one depending on your weight and height. The sizes are featured in regard to the bat’s height and weight as well: 29” and 18, 30” and 19, 31” and 20, and 32” and 21. As you can see, they all have a -11 drop weight which make them heavy enough for young people. Price check for Easton XL3 ALUMINIUM Youth Baseball Bat is here.

Why This Easton XL3 Bat is Suitable for Youth

The Easton XL3 -11 is ideal for youngsters who are already power hitters or work their way into this direction. Since power hitters aim at hitting the ball to the fences, they need a heavy bat. What’s special with the XL3 line is that they combine the heavy weight without reducing the height. So the hitting zone is rather extra-long giving the chance to youngsters to aim well and gain experience. The -11 drop weight will allow them to generate more power via a faster swing speed. What adds to the great characteristics of this product is the thin handle, which is ideal for the stability of the hands when trying to control and use a heavy bat. It is an excellent choice because it is also approved by Little League Baseball, Pony Baseball, Babe Ruth Baseball, Dixie Youth Baseball, USSSA and AABC and for all players of the age of 12 and under.


Playing good baseball is all about choosing the right bat and work on your technique. When it comes to power hitters, the Easton XL3 bats are ideal. Offered in -5 and -8 drop weight for senior players and -11 for youth, they allow fast swings and long hits. What’s really special about all Easton XL3 bats is that they are heavy, but also long increasing the size of the sweet spot and thus the chances of hitting as planned. And that’s a great advantage for power hitters. And there is also a choice for senior players. If the -5 bat is rather heavy for you, you can always use the -8 bat. The idea is to feel comfortable when holding the bat in order to keep control and maintain your strategy. And the nice materials used for the handle as well as its thin size help you accomplish your goals.

Our intention was to give you an idea of the way the Easton XL3 baseball bats are constructed and allow you to understand if these are the bats you are interested in. But if you are a power hitter, you cannot go wrong with the Easton XL3 bats. With their one-piece aluminum construction, the extra-long barrel and the expanded hitting zone in the low drop weights, you will definitely be shocked of how far the ball will travel. With the hope that our article has been helpful, we just wish you happy games!

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