How to improve your bunting skills

If you are having trouble with your bunting you have come to the right place. With this brief article I am going to share with you 4 simple bunting tips straight from the pros. Let’s get started shall we.

Tip #1 – Make Sure You Have The Right Bat Angle

The angle of the bat will determine which direction the ball goes. If you have the wrong angle the ball will pop up in the air instead of on to the baseball field. Getting the right bat angle starts with your stance. You should be in the same stance you use when hitting any other type of ball. The only thing different about the bunt is the way you use the bat.

When the ball is pitched you will swing on your back leg just like you would with any other baseball swing. The only difference is the angle at which you hold the bat. The correct angle is with the barrel just a tad bit higher than your hands.

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Tip #2 – Make Sure You Have The Right Hand Position

Find the label and place your top hand there. Make sure it is just a little bit higher than it normally would be. Your bottom hand should be close to the knob of the bat. Avoid bringing your hands close together as that will limit the amount of control you have. Keeping your hands properly spaced makes bunting easier and more effective.

Tip #3 – Make Contact At The Right Spot

This just might be one of the most important bunting tips of all. Where and how you come in contact with the baseball will determine the projectile of the ball. For your bunt to be effective you need to hit the ball at the perfect spot. Right at the tip, or as some call it, the barrel’s sweet spot, is where you want to hit it. When you hit at the right spot it will deaden the ball and prevent it from coming off too hard.

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When you hit it too hard off the bat it makes it easy for the pitcher and infielders. So you want to hit it just right so they can’t get to the ball easily.

Tip #4 – Position Your Head The Right Way

You need to be able to see two things in your line of vision. The baseball and the baseball bat. If you can’t see those two things you won’t be able to bunt the ball effectively. Your head should be positioned behind the barrel. This gives you the best line of sight. Most people struggle with head position but it is critical if you want to be good at bunting. If your head is in the wrong position you will find it very difficult to bunt correctly.

So take this tip very seriously. You should also make sure you keep your eye on the ball from the moment the pitcher throws it till the moment it hits the barrel of your baseball bat. Doing so will give you the best chance of bunting the ball and getting to first base as quickly as possible.

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