Easton YB15MKX Mako XL Baseball Bat (-10) Review


Easton YB15MKX MAKO XL COMP -10 Youth Baseball Bat

The Easton Mako is one of those composite baseball bats that could packed a strong strike for every ball thrown to it. Baseball is primarily a bat-and-ball game played worldwide where it is most notable in the United States. The Easton YB15MKX Mako XL Baseball Bat is one such composite bat that traces its roots from the US.

Easton is an American-grown baseball bat and other equipment manufacturing company that currently enjoying one of the largest sales in equipment history. The YB15MKX Mako XL Baseball Bat is one of their best-sellers in its class. Youth baseball is also wide-spread across the region where boys and girls as young as 5 years old are already playing the game as tournament or just for goodwill and school games. Using the best bat for the occasion is one of the factors affecting the outcome of every game. Know more about the Easton XL Comp -10 and find why you should have one or two of these finely crafted product.

Product Features

Easton YB15MKX MAKO XL COMP -10 Youth Baseball Bat

1. Fully Composite Handle and Barrel

The bat is a fully composite (reinforced carbon fiber polymer) materials including the handle and barrel. Composites are touted to perform well compared to aluminum alloy (plus the ability of the player) wherein it is also much lighter compared to wood bat. Graphite-fiber is one primary ingredient in the manufacture of this bat which is flexible but durable. This is additionally coated with an epoxy-resin to make it stronger.

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2. USSSA Certification, BPF of 1.15 and Other Leagues

The Easton Mako is certified by USSSA (United States Specialty Sports Association) approved to be used in their sanctioned games. Fortunately, this bat has a BPF (Bat Performance Factor) rating of 1.15, the standard in the industry. The rating is in relation to the bat’s ability of enhancing trampoline effect (or spring-like) where the ball’s speed before strike is compared against its speed after impact (the bouncing speed), which this bat passed with flying colors. This standard is also coherent with the bat’s safety aspect.

The bat is also approved for play in various leagues, such as the Little League, Dixie Youth Baseball, AABC, Babe Ruth Baseball, Pony Baseball and other recognized and popular leagues across the United States.

3. Low MOI (moment of inertia)

The bat has been calculated to produce low moment of inertia (MOI) with respect to the hitter. The bat is balanced in construction, hence the low MOI. This makes the swing easier and more comfortable to the hitter.

4. -10Oz. Drop

The Easton YB15MKX is a -10Oz. drop (the length to weight ratio) which is typically what majority of young players prefer especially when their players have larger built than most average framed fielders.

5. 5 Sizes

This model comes in 5 different sizes but with identical drop of -10Oz. The enumerated sizes below would be a great reference for new owners and veteran youth players alike. They can use these sizes to pick the appropriate piece for them:

  • 28 inch/ 18 ounces
  • 29 inch/ 19 ounces
  • 30 inch/ 20 ounces
  • 31 inch/ 21 ounces
  • 32 inch/ 22 ounces
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A very good educational guest, if you have to, is to compare what you are currently using or a friend’s bat that you once or used multiple times then compare the sizes with the one above. This would make your choice narrower before you make a purchase. If parents are reading this, you can advise your child regarding this matter.

6. Very Thin Handle, Barrel diameter

Basically with the handle diameter pegged at 29/32 inch, a very thin one but can do wonders for the determined user. This bat’s handle is made ultra-thin to make gripping and grasping easier and comfortable with the hitter. Swinging the bat is also made quicker and convenient with this thickness. The barrel measured only 2 ¼ inches in diameter, conforming to any League’s standard.

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Pros & Cons




  • Offers Larger Sweet Spot: Composite bats are widely believed to give the larger sweet spot in its barrel, just like the Easton Mako. Sweet spots are commonly known to give the barrel the ability to have an area on the barrel where the ball is more likely to bounce the farthest.
  • More Pop: Aside from having a large sweet spot, the Easton Mako XL offers more pop than alloy bats.
  • Reduced Sting: This bat reduced the amount of sting felt by hitters during strikes. The sting sensation usually hurts the hitter’s palm, hands and arms resulting from vibrations upon contact of the bat and the ball. These conditions are rare when using the Easton YB15MKX.
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  • Not advisable to leave under the sun: This bat is not advisable to be left under the elements especially under the heat of the sun, if you are planning to use the bat on the same day, better to keep it under normal temperature room.
  • May Crack Under Extreme Cold: If the barrel is freezing cold (in countries where extreme cold conditions are happening), better to give it more warmth, the best is to use the bat when it is not frozen solid.
  • Composites need to be “Warmed Up”: Yes, it’s literal. Just like humans before they play basketball, boxing and any other sports, they need warm ups. The bat should also be warmed to reach its maximum performance, by pitching it with a baseball while you hit it with this bat repeatedly.
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Composite bats are known to be lighter than its alloy counterparts enabling an improved swing speed and increased distance between strikes as the hitter is getting acquainted with the lightness. These are just some of the characteristics of a composite bat. Add to this model are the sizes that users may refer to when they decide to make a purchase of the Easton YB15MKX MAKO XL COMP -10 Youth Baseball Bat.

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