Rawlings HOH Dual Core 1st base Review

When it comes to major league baseball gloves Rawlings is the name you hear most often. This is because they withhold a high standard of excellence with every glove they make. They are the leaders in innovative design development and they use several patented features to ensure their gloves are nothing but the best. You will never see a Rawlings glove that isn’t top quality.

With this article we are going to focus in on one the Rawlings Heart of the Hide Dual Core 13-inch First Baseman’s Mitt. This is an amazing glove to say the least.

Features of the Rawlings HOH Dual Core 1st base mitt

Below I will share with you several features that makes it one of the best gloves for any position.

Dual Core Technology
The first feature I want to talk about is the dual core technology feature. If you know anything about the game of baseball you know every position is unique. For instance, an outfielder doesn’t catch the ball the same way a first basemen would. The hand has to close in a different way for each position. Rawlings understood this and came up with their patented dual core technology.

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With dual core technology there are strategically placed break points all throughout the glove. So no matter what you position the glove will accommodate the movement of your hand. This will allow you to excel at your position and outperform the competition.

Less Break Time
All gloves will take a little time to break in. However, some take longer than others. The Rawlings Heart of the Hide Dual Core 13-inch First Baseman’s Mitt has less break time thanks to the softness of the leather.

USA Horween Leather
This leather is not only soft, but it is strong as well. It gives the glove both durability and consistency. It gives you that game ready feel you need to play your best game.

Single Post Web
One of the biggest problems baseball players have securing the ball. They may be able to catch it but sometimes it will bounce around and fall out of the glove. With the single post web design you don’t have to worry about that. The web is stretchable and provides a pocket that is both such and secure. This helps prevent the bounce and makes it easier for you to catch more balls.

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The name Rawlings is synonymous with quality. I would recommend any baseball glove they create. When you purchase a Rawlings glove you know you are getting nothing but the best. The Rawlings Heart of the Hide Dual Core 13-inch First Baseman’s Mitt also features full grain leather binding and laces.

This gives the glove even more strength and durability. Rawlings uses only the best glove technicians in the world when designing their gloves. This particular glove is made with a pro pattern design used by professional baseball players. They constantly field test their patterns so they can continue to improve them.

If you are a first baseman looking for a glove to help you catch more balls, this is the glove you want. It is the perfect glove for the elite player.

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