Rules with respect to Cleats

There are basically three different types of cleats that can be worn during a baseball game. The type of cleats you can wear will depend on the league you are playing for. The rules for baseball cleats very depending on the level of baseball being played. For example, you will find that most youth baseball leagues will not allow their players to wear metal cleats. This is because they present the potential for serious injury.

Because of this they are required to wear plastic cleats or turf shoes. As children get older and they start playing more competitively, the rules change. In most high schools the baseball players are allowed to wear metal cleats. And in the major leagues, you will almost only see players wearing metal cleats. Below we will discuss the different types of cleats and situation they would be worn:

Metal Cleats

If you are playing on a grass field its best to wear metal cleats. This is because metal cleats are better at digging into the ground and giving you the grip you need to take off and slow down. They are also great for helping batter dig a toe hold in the batters box. This way you can hit the ball without slipping. Metal spikes are also much better for stability and balance. Metal cleats are only worn in competitive leagues such as high school, college and the major leagues.

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Turf Shoes

Turf shoes can actually be worn at all levels of play. Instead of metal spikes at the bottom, turf shoes have a sole that is rippled. These shoes are great when playing on artificial turf. When you play on artificial turf you are not allow to wear metal cleats. Metal cleats have sharp edges and will tear up the playing surface. You also can wear plastic spikes. When you are on turf plastic is dangerous and ineffective.

When plastic spikes touch the artificial turf they will just slide right off. You will not get any traction wearing plastic cleats on artificial turf. As a matter of fact, doing so could lead to twisting your ankle.

Plastic Cleats

Most players grew up wearing plastic cleats since metal cleats were prohibited in their youth league. As a result, when they get older they still prefer to wear this kind of cleats. The one big difference between plastic cleats and metal cleats is grip. Plastic cleats are able to dig into the ground as sharply as metal cleats are. And even though that’s the case, plastic cleats can still provide you with a decent amount of traction and security.

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So you will have no problem batting, running or fielding during the course of a game. If you will be playing on a soft or muddy field, plastic cleats are the best option. They don’t dig into the ground quite as much which allows you to have better grip and stability in muddy situations. They basically just bounce off the ground so you can keep going. With metal cleats they dig deep down into the ground and will get stuck in the mud.

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