Best Slow Pitch Softball Bats: The Definitive Guide

It looks like choosing the right bat is a matter of life and death.

I mean, is it really so hard to find THE ONE?

We get so overwhelmed with all those features that we just give up. We simply refuse to go the store and spend our precious time speaking with employees that don’t even know to explain the difference between composite bat and hybrid.

If you have same troubles, we have great news for you. Actually, finding the right bat is not hard at all, IF you know what features you should look for.

Since later in the article you’ll find all the details about these top 10 bats, here we’ve made this easily readable table on bats’ features.

Softball experts know how important it is to use only the best slowpitch softball bats. It is a bat used to hit the throwing ball and make a strike. There are a wide variety of types and brands to choose from. Each has unique specifications and characteristics which make them different from the rest.


Softball is gaining popularity among kids and adults. Because of softball’s increasing popularity, sports equipment manufacturers have invested in developing high-tech equipment. For this article, we will focus on softball bat to help you better understand the bat technology.

While each slowpitch softball has different designs, they are the same in great performance. We present to you the best softball bats and their distinct features. You must take a good look to help you decide which among these bats suits you.


It is important to choose a bat according to your personal preference and skill. Not all of us can handle these bats with ease and power. Below are some of the factors to consider when deciding which slow pitch softball bat to buy.


Some players prefer heavier bats or those bats with an end-load. These types of bats are heavier on the handle which others like as it gives them more power. Likewise, others prefer lightweight and balanced bats especially if they are after bat speed. Different bats can have an effect on your performance so you must buy according to your desired power.


Do you prefer a one-piece or two-piece softball bat? Whilst they use similar materials, one-piece bats are stiffer which power-hitters like. These bats are sturdy and have lesser flex than two-piece bats. While in two-piece bat, the barrel is separated from the handle which makes it flex, creating a trampoline effect at the point of contact.

Are you comfortable to use bats made from alloy or composite? How about wood or hybrid? In general, alloy bats have thinner barrel walls while composite bats usually contain a mixture of carbon fiber, fiberglass and graphite. Composite bats are quite expensive but these bats are sturdier and stay longer.

Hybrid bats, on the other hand, are a combination of an alloy barrel attached to a composite handle. Wood bats are common as well and usually, they use bamboo, maple wood or ash. If you prefer to swing for distance, choose bats with a larger barrel diameter while a narrow barrel diameter is the best for infield hits.


Every league is different and they have different requirements and certifications for bats. The USSSA and ASA are responsible for making sure that all bats passed the standards set by the industry. Likewise, each league has their own set of rules so it is best to check their website for more information.

Check and understand the requirements of your league to avoid problems and issues. Each has strict rules and guidelines when it comes to bat specifications. If you buying a used bat or an old bat, make sure that it has no cracks or damaged. Most associations do not allow these bats.

Fastpitch and slowpitch bats have similarities. Yet there are a few specific things to look for in a slowpitch softball bat:

  1. Length – In general, the length of slowpitch bat is 34” however, there are smaller in size. The length of the barrel usually varies from 12 to 14 inches. Strong hitters prefer shorter lengths while speed hitter like longer lengths.
  2. Weight – Whilst every model has the same length, you have the option to choose the bat’s weight. Normally, it ranges between 26-30 ounces. Power hitter and stronger players would opt for heavier types and models.
  3. Swing distribution – Relative to weight, swing distribution refers to end-loaded and balanced bat. End loaded weighted a little more on its end cap thus, giving you more power in the swing. But, balanced bats have a consistent and faster type of swing that suits contact hitter.


Finding the best softball bat is not easy. You don’t have to choose the most popular brand, the most awesome design or the flashiest one. We hope that we helped you narrow down the list of choices so you can make a confident choice and sound decision. Moreover, it is crucial that you will buy a bat that feels good for you.

In general, slowpitch softball bats are for almost everyone, of any gender and age. You just have to make sure that you will only buy the bat that is made for your preference. There are bats ideal for children and women. This will give them ease of use while at the same time; they will feel natural and comfortable while using the bat.

Your softball bat will be the extension of your arm so aim for it to become a natural extension of you. Experiment and exercise will help you see what will work for you. Read more reviews and take time in searching for the bat that suits you. We hope that our classifications and descriptions mentioned above will help you. Happy searching best for the best slowpitch softball bats!

Top 10 Slowpitch Bats
1 Louisville Slugger Z4 USSSA Balanced Softball Bat – Editor Choice’s
2 DeMarini Flipper USA Slow Pitch Softball Bat, 34″/26 oz
3 DeMarini Ultimate Weapon Slow Pitch Softball Bat
4 DeMarini Juggy OG Slow Pitch Softball Bat
5 DeMarini Flipper 1.20 Slow Pitch Softball Bat
6 DeMarini Stadium CL22 Slow Pitch Softball Bat
7 Miken Psycho Supermax USSSA SYKDTE Slowpitch Softball Bat
8 Easton Salvo Composite Balanced ASA/USSSA Slow-Pitch Softball Bat
9 2016 DeMarini Juggy USSSA
10 Easton Helmer Flex End Loaded ASA SP16BHFXA Slowpitch Softball Bat

Best Slowpitch Softball Bats 2017

So, this article is all about helping you to choose the right bat for you, the one that will suit your needs in the best way. All you have to do is to read it and then make a choice. That sounds good huh?


Louisville Slugger Z4 – EDITOR CHOICE’S

Louisville Slugger is without a doubt, the brand that for a long time creates remarkable bats.

Z4 line is the essential part of softball. Combining exceptional features it gives us bats that are suitable for every player in the world. Moreover, these bats will bring the swings, hits, and players to the very top. So, are you ready for the view?

We are sure that you will enjoy these bats, whichever you choose. First, we will say the crucial features of the Z4 Line and then we will give you a brief description of differences among the bats, so you can understand which bat is best for you.


  • Pure 360 composite uses thinner and lightweight graphite fibers so that bat can be both durable and strong while at the same time the wall thickness is reduced. The result is the lighter swing weight.
  • TRU 3 Piece Construction is Louisville Slugger’s unique technology that creates the very first 3-piece slow pitch bat ever that significantly reduces vibration on contact. The design is made for strengthening the link between the barrel and the handle which gives a bat a trampoline spring. Not only the negative vibration is dramatically reduced, but also you get a better feel of contact.
  • The Z4 bats come in both end loaded and balanced designs. With end loaded bats you get more distance and power when hitting while the balanced ones provide lighter design and faster bat speed.
  • SWING 1 inner Disc (S1iD) Technology helps the bats’ ability to flex to the maximum level. So, you get a bat that is hot right out of the wrapper with a great pop.
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Now, on to the bats:

If you are an average player and you’re willing to become great, you are going to need the bat that will make that possible for you. So, here we have Louisville Slugger Z4 models and you can opt for the one that will bring your game to life.

Louisville Slugger Z4 USSSA Balanced Softball Bat



This one is balanced so it’s perfect if you’re looking for faster swing speed.

– 7/8″ tapered handle


-TRU3 construction

-S1iD technology

– Approved for: USSSA, NSA, and ISA


Louisville Slugger Z4 Endload USSSA Slow Pitch Softball Bat, 34″/27 oz


Comparing to the previous model, this bat is end loaded.

-Pure 360 composite

-7/8″ standard handle

-TRU3 construction

-12″ barrel

-Approved for USSSA, ISA, and NSA


Louisville Slugger Z4 Endload ASA Slow Pitch Softball Bat


-7/8″ standard handle

-Balanced swing weight

-TRU3 construction

-Pure 360 composite

-S1iD technology

-Approved for : ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA and ISF



Louisville Slugger Z4 Balanced ASA Slow Pitch Softball Bat, 34″/28 oz



– Balanced swing weight

– S1iD technology

-TRU3 construction

– Pure 360 composite

-7/8″ standard handle

Approved  for ASA, NSA, USSSA, ISA and ISF

Louisville Slugger Z4 Backman Shoppe Power Load, 34 inch/28.5 oz


-End loaded

– -12″ barrel

– Pure 360 composite

-TRU3 construction

-7/8″ standard handle



Here we have two SUPER Z models that differ in construction and composite design comparing to the Z4 line. The features that are the same as Z4 are 7/8″ Tapered Handle, 12-Inch Barrel, and S1iD Technology.

Both SUPER Z models have a 2-piece bat construction that provides a strong connection between the handle and the barrel which lead to better performance and durability. Furthermore, 100% Performance Composite Design joined together with iST connection gives a larger sweet spot which means a bigger hitting surface. SUPER Z is certified for the 1.20BPF and the ASA 2013 performance standards.

Louisville Slugger Super Z Balanced ASA Slowpitch Bat


-100% Performance Composite Design

-The swing weight is balanced

-All-New Extra Stiff iST Technology

-7/8″ Tapered Handle

-12-Inch Barrel

-Approved for: ASA, USSSA, NSA and ISA


Louisville Slugger Super Z End Load ASA Slowpitch Bat

-The swing weight is end loaded

All-New Extra Stiff iST Technology

-7/8″ Tapered Handle

-12-Inch Barrel

Approved for: ASA, NSA, USSSA, and ISA


DeMarini Flipper USA Slow Pitch Softball Bat

We have a question for you: What not to love about DeMarini’s bats?

DeMarini keeps surprising us, and once again it brings us a jaw-dropping bat. With its amazing features, it is perfect for playing in ASA tournament. If you love to swing hard, meet your new best friend.

The Flipper has a super responsive sweet spot thanks to 12-inch Divergence Barrel Technology. To explain it briefly, two layers of composite materials sandwich an air gap which provides the best possible trampoline effect – which you will definitely love.

Moreover, the barrel really brings its best when hitting high COR low compression balls. Another feature that amazes us is ZnX Alloy Handle that offers more durability and stiffness which means you get the maximum out of this bat.

Then we have the Dish End Cap that creates the stiffness at the end of the barrel and at the same time transfers the energy towards the sweet spot.

And finally, the bat has RCK knob thus fits the bottom hand perfectly.

Like you can see from its features the Flipper is a synonym for winning.


  • Divergence Barrel Technology that is placed within 12-inch barrel, creates the best trampoline effect.
  • ZnX Alloy Handle offer everything you need: less flexibility, more durability, and a better feel.
  • Dish End Cap will perfectly transfer the energy back towards the huge sweet spot.
  • RCK Knob for a perfect fit.
  • 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter.
  • Certified for: ASA


  • It’s approved only for play in ASA

DeMarini Ultimate Weapon Slow Pitch Softball Bat

You’d better watch out because here we have the Ultimate Weapon- a one-piece bat that will drive the outfielders crazy.

Because of its fully alloy construction and single wall barrel construction, the bat is the first choice for those players who love the leagues where multiwall composite bats aren’t allowed. Also, the bat is great for the base hits.

If you are looking for more power, the inflexible End Cap will certainly give you that because it will keep power in the sweet spot. Like the previous model, this one also has RCK knob that will give you a comfortable grip while Znx Alloy will give an extra durability to the single wall barrel.

Although the bat is really a piece of art, one thing is for sure with the Ultimate weapon your swings will be super smooth.

So, if you are ready for the amazing performance this bat is really for you.


  • Perfect for Leagues and Tournaments that limit the use of composite bats.
  • Big D End Cap holds the power in the sweet spot.
  • ZnX Alloy gives durability to a single wall barrel construction.
  • RCK Knob will fit bottom hand perfectly.
  • 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter.
  • One-Piece, Fully Alloy Construction.
  • Approved for ASA, USSSA, NSA, and ISA.


  • It has less pop because of its construction.

DeMarini Juggy OG Slow Pitch Softball Bat

Here we have the bat that no one will ever forget about. With DeMarini Juggy OG it’s all about power and focus.

So, this one is not for the players that don’t like challenges but rather for those who aren’t afraid of domination on the field.

The feature that makes sure there is plenty of power in the sweet spot is Big D End Cap. Since being end-loaded you’ll get the powerful bat that is made for hard hitting.

And if you thought that it can’t get any better we have news for you: it actually can. Combining the triple wall barrel construction and Big D End Cap that significantly contributes to increased end load you will hit the ball so hard that it will be sent to the oblivion.

To sum up, with this powerful end loaded bat your focus would be on winning. So, how that sounds to you?


  • Stacked Composite Barrel for increased end load and better performance.
  • TR3 F.L.O. Composite Handle for amazing comfort.
  • RCK Knob
  • Big D Stiff End Cap- for keeping the power in the sweet spot and also for increased end load.
  • 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter.


  • Approved for Play in ASA ONLY

DeMarini Flipper 1.20 Slow Pitch Softball Bat

Are you ready for dropping bombs? Well, you’d better be because the Flipper is a pretty mean bat.

We believe that you can’t wait for this beauty so we have great news for you: she is hot out of the wrapper so you can start hitting that ball right away.

You will get the maximum barrel’s performance thanks to its Divergence Technology that makes the sweet spot very responsive.

Furthermore, multi-wall barrel construction will provide an amazing trampoline effect so be prepared for awesome swings. Having a two-piece construction it will give you more power and better performance.

Last but not least, Znx Alloy handle will show you how comfort and maximum barrel performance will influence your game.

So, now you know all the amazing features that this beauty has. We want to add just one thing: this beauty will certainly challenge your limits by giving you everything you need you just have to be wise enough to make every hit count.


  • ZnX Alloy Handle for comfort and stiffness.
  • Multi-Wall Barrel Construction.
  • Dish End Cap brings the energy back to the sweet spot.
  • Divergence Barrel will give a very responsive sweet spot.
  • Hybrid, Two-Piece Construction
  • Approved for: USSSA and NSA.


  • We can say the only con is that everyone wants this amazing bat in their collection.

DeMarini Stadium CL22 Slow Pitch Softball Bat

DeMarini Stadium is so much more than just a bat.

For those of you who think that it is impossible to have a bat that will combine both maximum stiffness and the most explosive performance ever, we are glad to tell you are so, so wrong because here we have exactly the one like that.

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The feature which provides that is the barrel made completely from S.ONE Composite. What also contributes to the amazing performance is ZnX Alloy Handle that flexes less thus forces barrel to divert more.

The bat is end loaded which means you need to be able to control it, so it’s perfect for the professional players rather than newbies. Big D End Cap will give increased end load and the result would be more power in the sweet spot.

Overall, DeMarini Stadium is an extraordinary bat made for those who want more from the game.


  • S.ONE Composite Barrel for maximum stiffness that leads to the dreadful performance.
  • ZnX Alloy Handle for less flex.
  • Big D End Cap will give increased end load.
  • RCK Knob
  • Hybrid, Two-Piece Construction
  • End-Loaded Swing Weight
  • 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • Approved for Play in USSSA, NSA, and ISA


  • The bat requires some break-in period.

Miken Psycho Supermax USSSA SYKDTE Slowpitch Softball Bat

Miken bats are known for remarkable performance and durability. But, Miken shows that if you want to be among the best, you have to keep moving forward and to constantly work on improving.

So, that is what they did with well-known formula 100 Comp (aerospace grade fiber) that has created durability and amazing performance. Triple Matrix Core increases this marvelous material by 5% thus maximizes already mentioned features.

The bat is a full ounce end load, which means an increased ball flight so it’s a perfect choice for the power hitters. Moreover, Flex 2 Power Technology will give increased bat speed.

So, we are sure that if we ask you what you’ve learned about Miken Psycho, your answer would be: The bat gives both maximum performance and durability.


  • 100 COMP 100% aerospace grade fiber enable durability and performance.
  • Triple Matrix Core
  • Flex 2 Power (F2P) for faster speed through the hitting zone.
  • 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter.
  • Approved for play in USSSA, NSA, and ISA.


  • Some players had to add a handle grip due to not so great comfort.

Easton Salvo Composite Balanced ASA/USSSA Slow-Pitch Softball Bat

If being in control is your lifestyle and you just can’t get enough of it then we have a right bat for your needs that have a great pop right out of the wrapper.

Meet the Easton Salvo- amazing one-piece composite design combined with other great features so you can get only the best out of your swings.

Thanks to its sturdy one-piece design and ultra-thin handle your control and power will take the game to another level. IMX Advanced Composite Barrel and Handle optimizes the sweet spot, giving more power to the barrel which naturally leads to better bat performance. Since the bat is balanced you will definitely have more control while hitting that ball and more important, you will get faster swings.

But, with all these amazing features, Easton team hasn’t forgotten about the significance of comfort. Ultra-Thin Gauze Grip will give you both the better feel for the barrel and the comfort you need so you can make that swings memorable.

In the end, to sum up, what you get with this amazing bat. Easton Salvo will take the control, the power, the comfort and the speed to another level.


  • IMX Advanced Composite Barrel and Handle for optimizing sweet spot and maximizing performance.
  • Single System Composite Design.
  • Ultra-Thin Gauze Grip will provide the comfort you need.
  • Balanced Swing Weight for better control.
  • 29/32 Inch Handle, ultra- Thin
  • 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • Approved for ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF


  • The gauze grip is not the favorite among some players.

2016 DeMarini Juggy USSSA

These days is all about giving and getting the best you can.

When you are a professional player, that is something you must do every single day, every single game and even every single time you hit that ball.

Realizing the needs of players around the world, DeMarini gives us another end loaded bat that combines power and energy in a wonderful way. If you strive for maximum performance the Juggy will make your game superior. So, are you ready to work and hit even harder?

Stacked composite barrel creates a triple wall design that will give more weight in the barrel. Because of that feature, the performance will be even more increased with a .52COR/300lb ball. While Big D End Cap contributes to increasing end load and keeping more power in the sweet spot, D-Fusion 2.0 handle is perfect for sending that energy back to the barrel for a better contact and trampoline-like feel. The energy is less focused on hand sting, so more comfort for you.

The players choose this bat because they love the amazing performance and they become fearless when sending that ball to another dimension.


  • Stacked Composite Barrel for creating more weight in the barrel.
  • D-Fusion 2.0 handle redirects energy back into the barrel for better pop.
  • RCK knob
  • End-loaded swing weight for powerful hits
  • Big D End Cap will increase the end load thus keep more power in the sweet spot
  • 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • Approved for NSA, ISA, USSSA, and 1.20BPF sanctioned play


  • Since it is end loaded, you will have more power but less speed comparing to the balanced ones.

Easton Helmer Flex End Loaded ASA Slowpitch Softball Bat

If you aren’t fan of waiting and you want it all and right now, this beauty is the right choice for you. It’s hot out of the wrapper and with this beauty you get the best performance as soon as you unpack it.

The feature that players love so much is 2-Piece Composite Flex Barrel Construction that will enable softer compression and maximum performance. Since the bat is end loaded you will get more power and

The comfort shouldn’t ever be underestimated if you want to get the best you can. That is why Easton made this fantastic bat with thin 29/32 inch handle, 1.2 mm HYPERSKIN Grip, and CXN ZERO™ TECHNOLOGY. While 1.2 mm HYPERSKIN Grip will give your hands as much comfort as possible CXN ZERO™ will eliminate negative vibration and stinging feeling, so you can be completely focused on hitting those home runs.

Like all these features aren’t impressive enough, with TCT Thermo Composite technology you will get a massive sweet spot, which means it’s time to hit like never before.

Overall, this bat is simply constructed in a way to bring the best sweet spot, the best comfort and great feel providing the energy and power thanks to end loaded swing weight.


  • TCT Thermo Composite technology for a massive sweet spot
  • 29/32″ handle with 1.22MM HYPERSKIN™ grip for comfort.
  • Approved for ASA and ISF
  • 3 height to weight ratio adds to the ubiquity of the bat
  • Incredibly lightweight, superbly balanced
  • Superb swing speed and power
  • a longer barrel


  • The bat is only approved for play in ISF and ASA.

How To Buy a Best Slowpitch Softball Bats for 2017

We know that you are overwhelmed with all those information on bat’s weight, material, type, etc. and what is worse, you don’t even know what really matters and what you should look for.  Well, today is your lucky day because here you have the buying guide that gathers all features and factors that you should refer to when buying a bat.


If you still haven’t decided your budget limit, now would be the time to do that. Whether you want to spend $150 or $400, you have a lot of choices. Of course, there will always be differences in quality and features, but don’t worry, your bat is somewhere out there waiting for you. When choosing the bat, you should go for reputable brands such as DeMarini, Easton, and others.

The weight:

Needless to say, this is the crucial part when choosing the bat. In Slow Pitch Softball the most common weights are 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30 ounces. We want to point out that you have to choose a bat according to your weight otherwise, you won’t have control over it. There are the lighter ones as well as the heavier ones, so choose the one that suits you better.

Approvals for playing in Leagues:

We just want to remind you that your bat should be approved for your League (USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ASA). So, it’s important to check League’s regulations and requirements before you opt for a bat.

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As this feature has a great influence on your performance, you want a bat that would be comfortable enough so you can play without negative vibrations or stinging feeling. Here we have three parts that contribute to comfort- the handle, the taper, and the grip.  The handle should be well shaped so you can hold it perfectly while the taper should be smaller in order to enable fast wrist movement. As the grip is concerned, it should be of excellent quality because you don’t want to spend more money for changing it.


Regarding the material, the most common types used are Composite and Hybrid. Needless to say, the choice depends on player’s needs. While some players may want the lighter bats others look for the heavier ones with more power. Below you have a short description of the two types.


These are made from fiberglass, resin, and graphite which means they are very light. So, it’s not hard to guess that lightweight leads to increased power and faster swing speed. When comparing to other types, the composite bats provide the best balance and a larger sweet spot. Thus, this type of bat is suitable for professional players.


Being made in a special way, they have an aluminum alloy and a composite handle. The reason why they are called hybrid is because they combine the best features which result in the smoother feel and better performance. The swing weight is end loaded.

Swing Weight: Balanced and End Loaded

Balanced: As you can imagine, the balanced bat means that weight is distributed evenly throughout it. Those players who want to produce as much bat speed as possible and to have a better control will choose a balanced bat. It’s the perfect choice for contact hitters since it has lower M.O.I. (Moment of Inertia).  In case you don’t know how that relates to bat’s performance, the lower the M.O.I. means the faster you can swing the bat.

End-loaded: These ones are preferred by players who are confident enough when comes to controlling the bat. The power hitters choose these bats because they offer more power and durability comparing to the balanced ones. Obviously, they have extra weight at the end of bat thus provide more distance but they aren’t so easy to control. With an end-loaded bat you will hit much harder but the swing speed is greater with a balanced bat.

One-piece vs. Two-piece

One-piece design- Since it is a single unit it will provide more stiffness and balance but the downside is the vibration.

Two-piece design- Handle and barrel are joined together which results in less vibration, more flexibility, and a trampoline effect.

Best Slowpitch Softball Bats 2017 – Sizing Chart

We’ve already told you everything that you should focus on when choosing the bat. However, to simplify, even more, we get these two sizing charts that will help you in determining the size of your bat according to your age, height, and weight.

Best Slowpitch Softball Bats 2017 – FAQ

What types of bats there are?

Naturally, there are a lot of characteristics such as weight, material, size and many others according to which we can make a decision on what is the best bat for us. To make it even harder, you have to pay attention whether the bat you want to buy is approved for Leagues or not. Believe us, the last thing you want is to buy a bat just to find out that it cannot be used in your League. So, before buying, make sure there is a stamp on it.

Should I choose an end loaded or a balanced bat?

And the answer to this question is: we can’t help you until you decide what actually do you want out of your bat. Because obviously, the choice of the right bat depends on your needs and desires. So, if you, for example, want a more powerful bat for harder hits, and you’re able to handle more weight, plus, you can control the bat completely, you should go with an end loaded. But, on the other hand, if you are looking for a lighter swing weight and a bat that will give you more swing speed, without having a difficulty in controlling it you might want to use a balanced bat.

How do I know if the bat is too heavy for me?

Here we have a little test that will help you with to determine is your bat the right one. According to DeMarini, when you are choosing the bat, you should do next:

Take the handle of the bat and then point the bat straight out. Keep your arm parallel to the ground. The bat is good for you if you are able to hold it for 20 seconds without dropping the barrel. But in case of the barrel drops, that is because the bat is probably too heavy for you. So, maybe you should look for a lighter one.

Tips for taking a proper care of your bat:

Knowing how to take a proper care of your bat is, without a doubt, the most important part when you want to have a long-lasting bat. We know that you sometimes forget to clean it or to cover it, but you should be aware of the fact that your bat can’t clean itself. So, let’s move on to some tips that you should keep in mind if you want to prolong your bat’s life.

  • Use only water and mild soap when you want to clean your bat.
  • If you have a composite bat, it should be replaced every two years.
  • You really shouldn’t use the bat in cold weather (temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit) since it will increase the hardness of bat
  •  You should check if there are damages on your bat as often as possible, for the safety reasons.

What’s the best brand for Slowpitch Softball bats?

Well, this question isn’t easy to answer since there are a lot of excellent brands in the Softball world, and they all have some special features that contribute to bat’s performance. But, it’s not like we have all day to talk about brands, so we just want to tell you about the best ones.

DeMarini was founded in 1989 by Ray DeMarini. As you probably know, the company’s way to the top started in 1993 when the very first multi-wall bat, known as Doublewall, had been created. Since then, the brand just keeps getting better and better. We would say that everything is possible when comes to DeMarini’s creativity and that is why it’s among the best brands in Softball.

Miken was founded in 1997. Miken Sports bats’ are definitely famous for the maximum performance and durability which is why the softball players choose them. The technology is the key of Miken’s success since they can never get tired of constant improvement. Their passion towards the bats leads to satisfied professional players who remain loyal to the brand.

Easton contributed to the bats’ world in 1969 when the first true aluminum bat had been produced. For so many years the brand has its place among the best ones thanks to its freshness and focus on details. Easton is certainly committed to fulfilling desires and needs of different kinds of players all over the world.

Finally, the best brand. Here we have the one and only-Louisville Slugger, the core of baseball and softball world. It was founded in 1884 and it is well-known for producing the first three-piece bat technology, once again showing that the creativity really doesn’t have limits. The brand offers high-quality equipment which is made according to the players’ needs. Having said that, it shouldn’t surprised us why the players choose this brand over others.

Final Words

It’s official – our job here is done.

After you’ve carefully read the article, you are now familiar with all the features that you should look for when buying a bat.

Moreover, we gave you the list of the best Slow pitch bats so you only have to decide which one suits your needs and then to get that bat on the field and hit those home runs. It’s time for winning!

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