Wilson A2000 DP15 Review

If you are a middle infielder with smaller hands you will love the Wilson A2000 DP15. It is no doubt bound to be an classic. That’s because it is made to the exact specifications Dustin Pedroia uses in games and will give you the extra feel you desire. The heel padding has been reduced to provide maximum feel. As we all know, Dustin Pedroia is a perennial All Star. That means he knows what it takes to be a successful infielder. He knows it all starts with the right glove. Because of this Wilson decided to team up with the All Star and create what we now know as the A2000 DP15.

Main Features of the DP15

If you know Pedroia’s story you know he was very hesitant to stop using the glove he had used since he was a young boy. He had broken it in several years prior and it was the perfect fit for him. He didn’t want to go through the process of breaking in a new one.

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So he simply refused to do it. He was very passionate about his desire to continue using the glove he was most familiar with. This passion caught the eye of the Wilson design team and they decided to work with him and create the perfect model.

When you first see it you will immediately notice the quality of the leather used. It is made with American pro stock steerhide. Professional players love this type of leather because of the way it feels and its durability. If there is a such thing as the perfect baseball glove, this is it.

Another great feature of the DP15 is the Dri-Lex technology it uses. Dri-Lex technology is a wrist lining that has extreme breathability. It transfers moisture away from your skin so your hands stay cool and dry. They also use a patented dual welting system.

This system is amazing as it allows you to maintain a stable and durable pocket. This thanks to the pre curved finger design. It basically allows you to break it in without breaking it down. This technology is exclusive to Wilson products so you won’t find it anywhere else. Some other key features include extra long lacing, tight fit, smaller hand opening and H-web just to name a few.

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Just like with all their other baseball gloves, Wilson has rigorously tested the A2000 DP15GM. They field test everything to ensure it is nothing but the best. This allows them to continue to improve the glove so it always performs its absolute best.

Thanks to Dustin Pedroia the A200 baseball glove has been completely refined. With this glove you will be able to outperform and outlast the competition. This is the perfect glove for all the hardworking players out there. Its easy to break in and it feels great on your hand. Its the perfect glove for any infielder who is serious about his game.

Now I will be honest with you, this glove is not cheap. But the quality and performance make it well worth the price tag.

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