Heater Pitching machine Review

Trend Sports is a not a new name when it comes to pitching machines and other sporting goods. The Heater Pitching Machine is one of the bestselling products of Trends Sports that lets you enjoy consistent, reliable, and accurate pitches at a very nominal price.

Give your child a more fruitful and successful practice session with the Heater Pitching Machine with Auto Ball Feeder included. Whether you are just learning how to hit and need to hone your swinging and hitting techniques or want to practice defensive skills in your backyard, the Heater Pitching Machine will truly deliver the best. Use it with a batting cage for repetitive solo training and learn how to hit like a pro.

Available for only $400, this one does deliver a punch. Plus, with the Auto ball feeder included free of cost, you can take your practice to the next level by not having to reply on another player or a parent to feed the machine. The Heater Pitching Machine will let you practice and play whenever you want.

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  • 1 Main features
      • 1.0.1 Trend Sports Heater
    • 1.1 Throws real baseballs, softballs, or machine dimpled balls
    • 1.2 10 speed variable speed dial
    • 1.3 Solid steel housing
    • 1.4 Adjustable ball height
    • 1.5 Free auto ball feeder for solo practice
      • 1.5.1 Some customer reviews
      • 1.5.2 Pros
      • 1.5.3 Cons
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Main features

Trend Sports Heater


  • 10 speed variations using simple variable speed dial to simulate speeds from 10-50 mph
  • Pitches regulation type leather baseballs, softballs and machine dimpled balls
  • Automatic 12 ball feeder included
  • Adjustable height for fly balls, pop ups, line drives, and grounders
  • Runs on 110v household current or 350-400 W generator
  • High quality steel housing with enclosed wheel
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At a price point of $400, the Heater Pitching Machine is overloaded with features and benefits. The next sections that follow in our review look at these main features in more detail.

Throws real baseballs, softballs, or machine dimpled balls

Unlike other machines available at this price range, the Heater Pitching Machine can throw regulation type leather baseballs, which is a huge benefit for enjoying realistic practice sessions. If you want to give a fear free practice session to younger kids who are afraid of being hit by the ball, use the dimpled machine balls that are lighter. This makes it useful for indoors as well.

10 speed variable speed dial

The 10 speed variable speed dial lets you adjust speed from 10 to 50 mph. To increase the maximum speed, simply move the machine a little closer; this will help players get a little quicker in their swings. Because of the speed range of 10-50 mph, this machine is recommended for ages between 5 and 13 years old.

Solid steel housing

Heavy duty solid steel housing that fully encloses all moving parts for safe operation is made to last a long time. This is not a machine that could break easily.

Adjustable ball height

The ball height can be easily adjusted to throw fly balls, pop ups, line drives and grounders for fielding practice in your backyard. This makes it more versatile. There is no reason a young player cannot catch a fly ball; he just needs more practice and the Heater Pitching Machine will allow just that.

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Free auto ball feeder for solo practice

Auto ball feeders are usually available separately for another 100 bucks or so; this shoots up the price really high. However, the Heater Pitching Machine comes with a bonus. At $400, you get both the machine and the ball feeder so you can practice whenever you want without waiting for another person to feed the machine. The ball feeder holds 12 balls at a time and throws a pitch every 12 seconds.

Some customer reviews

The Heater Pitching Machine has earned 3.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon.com with 11 customer reviews to date. It is among the top 10 baseball machines of its kind and one of Trend Sport’s bestselling pitching machines. Users mostly love it for its sturdy built, accurate and consistent pitches and above all, nominal cost. Most pitching machines available at this price range do not work with real baseballs. But the Heater Pitching Machine is different. It gives you all the best features for a very nominal price, which makes it a preferable choice to use with younger players. Click here to read customer reviews.


  1. It is durable and safe to use with no exposed moving parts. The rubber tire is fully enclosed.
  2. The auto feeder included is great for solo practice.
  3. It can throw regular leather as well as dimpled practice balls suitable for both older and younger players as well as indoor use.
  4. The pitches are quite accurate and consistent.
  5. It is very easy to adjust speed using the 10 speed variable speed dial.
  6. Setting it up and tearing it down is quite easy.
  7. It costs only $400.
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  1. Most users have complained that it tears leather balls and makes them unusable after a few uses. While it works great for dimpled practice balls, it causes damage to leather balls.
  2. Top speed is 50 mph, (45 mph when real baseball is used) which is lower than other machines of its kind.
  3. Some users have also complained about its screw not tightening easily, which creates a slippage problem. The machine slips easily and doesn’t throw consistent and accurate pitches.
  4. Getting on-field power is a challenge as the machine is not compatible with a battery pack. A separate generator has to be purchased, which may be loud. Hence, it is best when used with a batting cage in the backyard.
  5. The machine doesn’t pitch curveballs and sliders.

Overall, the Heater Pitching Machine is a good buy considering that it only costs $400, includes an Auto Ball Feeder, and can throw real baseballs as well. I would recommend this machine for a young player who is just learning how to hit. Especially with the auto ball feeder included, this one will truly give you a fantastic practice session.

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