Rawlings G601B GG Gamer Review

The outfield is often seen as the last line of defense for a fielding team when a ball is hit. Because of this outfielders always need to be 100% focused and ready to prevent hard hits that may result in home runs for the opposing team. But what happens when you have a superior player using inferior gloves? This is the case many outfielders face. It seems as though the baseball equipment being produced these days is sub par. This of course results in sub par games being played.

However, amidst all this chaos you will find Rawlings- America’s most revered baseball glove manufacturer, whose name is synonymous with consistency, excellence and innovation.

Why is the Rawlings G601B Outfield glove a must have for an outfielder?

Just when we thought we had seen all there is to see about top notch baseball gloves, Rawlings has added another excellent outfield glove to its Gamer series, the one of a kind G601B 12.75 inch Outfield Glove.

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This is a prayer answered for many adult and professional players who are tired of the gear they are currently using. With moldable padding and fastback design as some of its main features, there is no reason you should not own one. Below I will explore the benefits and components of the G601B glove.

The G601B outfield glove is a pioneer in comfort and functionality. It is created to fulfill every outfielders needs and dreams. Below I will list its features, and the benefits it provides to anyone who wears it.

Creative and Inventive Design Structure
The G601B is fitted with a trapeze web pattern also known as the ‘Six Finger’, that actively shifts the pocket to the center of the glove. It does this all while acting as an extension of the glove rather than a separate entity. The result is maximum strength. Additionally, the G601B is 12.75 inches, which is a perfect length for outfielders as it allows for more reach when attempting to catch a ball.

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Catching Made Easy
The G601B is also outfitted with deep pockets, that makes the handling of high lofting balls and power shots easier than ever. The leather palm pads that are part of the structure of the G601B absorb most of the impact caused by a hard hitting shot. This reduces chances of injury as well as fumbles caused when outfielders drop the ball after experiencing overwhelming pain during the catching process.

Lightweight And Ease Of Transfer
This Rawling Gamer Series glove is 2.5 pounds. This makes it lighter than your average outfield glove. Because of this catching is less stressful on you muscles and joints. The open web that is extremely popular among outfielders as it allows for quick transfers, is also designed into this glove.

Quality Leather materials
Rawlings does not hold back on the quality of materials it uses to create its famous baseball gloves. This can be seen with the G601B that is comprised of deer tanned cowhide linings, an authentic soft full grain leather shell and Tennessee tanned grade laces. These all combine to create a glove with the texture of butter and with the strength of Zeus. Furthermore, the leather used in these gloves makes the process of breaking in effortless, with amazing 10-20% player break in statistics.

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I would recommend this glove to any elite or aspiring elite outfielder. The craftsmanship and modern day design make the experience of being an outfielder easier and more exciting. Its features are current and are designed to help you play your best game possible. It is extremely durable and at a price of less than $100, it is also easy on the budget. Overall I would say It is a great investment!

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