2015 Demarini CF7 BBCOR review

Today we feature a Demarini CF7 BBCOR review, which is widely considered to be one of the best baseball bats that meet the BBCOR standard. The 2013 CF5 was an incredibly high quality bat that made many hitters better. The 2015 CF7 DXCFC is no different and is normally used by more competitive level players due to its price tag. However, if you can afford it and can use it, you are doing yourself a huge favor when it comes to your personal stats!

The 2015 CF7 DXCFC itself is a very popular bat in the BBCOR world largely due to the consistent swing and power it provides. The 2015 version we are reviewing has been already been purchased & reviewed by many different hitters giving it a huge thumbs up. We’re not going to sugar coat things but despite the high price tag, many hitters feel like they would pay much more after only taking a few swings with this model.

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Main Features of the CF7 BBCOR

There are many features to like about the Demarini CF7. In fact there are too many to list in this short review. So instead we describe what we feel are the three most important and leave it to you to decide if the bat is right for you.


  • Huge power and pop
  • Quick bat speed


  • Advanced construction – In all honesty there are very few bats around that can match the power and maintain its light weight better than the 2015 CF7 BBCOR. Demarini uses a technology called Paradox +Plus composite which blends together the best fibers possible to give the hitter a strong, light swing.
  • D-Fusion handle – Perhaps the most exciting feature to come along in a while, the CF7 has a brand new D-Fusion FT handle which promises to eliminate all potential vibration. What this does is give a hitter much more confidence to feel like they can swing away without any fear of producing any vibrations.
  • RCK Knob – To provide an even stronger barrel, Demarini’s own “Real Cool Knob” end cap has been applied to the bottom of the CF7. Using this special end cap, the energy of your swing is kept in the bat without escaping.
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Sizes available: 30 in/27 oz, 31 in/28 oz, 32 in/29 oz, 33 in/30 oz, and 34 in/31 oz

Final Thoughts

Based on our review and the reviews of hitters just like you, we would absolutely recommend the Demarini CF7 BBCOR baseball bat. We feel with all of these advanced features that you will without a doubt take your game to the next level. Although a bit pricey for most, this is the premier bat for serious and competitive baseball players.

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