3 Big Benefits of Baseball Cleats And Why You Should Wear Them

When it comes to the game of baseball you can’t wear just any shoe on to the field. You need baseball cleats. Below I am going to share with you 3 big benefits of baseball cleats and why you should wear them.

Benefit #1 – They Provide Excellent Grip

In baseball there is a lot of running and lateral movements that are required of the baseball player. And one of the biggest problems baseball players tend to have is grip. When you take off from the plate or you are running in the outfield to catch a long ball, you can’t afford to slip or lose a step. You need an explosive first step so you can get to where you need to be quickly.

These days some of the top shoe companies use a variety of different technologies to ensure you get maximum grip with every stride you take. The better the grip the faster you can run. And the faster you can run, the quicker you will be able to get to the next base or get an opposing player out.

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Benefit #2 – They Provide Comfort

Standing and running around for hours on metal cleats can be very uncomfortable. Luckily, there is a lot of really great cushioning technology that is now used when creating baseball cleats. No longer do you have to worry about the pressure from the cleats pushing against the heel of your feet.

In the elite baseball cleats you will find form fitting cushioning technology being used. That basically means the cushion adjusts to the movement of your feet. The result is unbelievable cushion and comfort. How your feet feel out on the field is extremely important. If you feel the impact every time you take a step, you won’t have a very good game.

But thanks to technologies such as Adidas ADItuff and Nike’s Max Air, the impact gets absorbed. That means the pressure from the impact never makes its way to your knees and lower leg giving you the ability to go all out much longer.

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Benefit #3 – They Improve Your Overall Game

Wearing the right cleats during a game of baseball is vital to your overall performance. This is especially true if you are playing competitive baseball. Not wearing baseball cleats can lead to a variety of different problems. In some cases it can even lead to serious injury.

When you play baseball you play on different fields made up of different materials. Some surfaces are hard while others are considered soft. So not only do you need baseball cleats, you need the right kind of baseball cleats for the type of surface you are playing on.

This all boils down to research. Find out the conditions you will be playing in and then research the right baseball cleats for the job. When you wear the right baseball cleats, no matter what position you are playing, it will dramatically increase your overall performance. Just ask any pro and I assure you they will tell you the same.

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