ATEC Casey Pro 3G Review

The ATEC Casey Pro 3G is the official pitching machine of Major League Baseball and is used every day by every team in the big leagues, colleges, and high schools everywhere.

This third generation, revolutionized, high-performance training equipment is designed to simulate real game situations with enough power to throw fastballs up to 100 mph!

Featuring the micro-adjustment pin point control system, this machine is meant for those who know that subtle differences can make all the difference in a game. Whether you are an individual trying to get head and shoulders above your previous abilities or a team looking forward to take the next step, the Casey Pro 3G by ATEC is definitely made for you.

Main Features of the ATEC Casey Pro 3G

ATEC Casey Pro 3G


  • Dual concave wheel design for maximum ball control
  • Micro adjustment feature for pin point control
  • Center of gravity design for 360 degree horizontal rotation and 120 degree vertical pivot
  • Position indicators index pitch locations and changes
  • Speed range: 30-100 mph
  • Recovery time: 8 seconds
  • Weight: 110 lbs
  • Rollers for easy mobility
  • Power source: 110 V, generator use: 1200W generator

The ATEC Casey Pro tops the list of best baseball pitching machines and there is good reason for it.

Micro-adjusters for pin point control

The best feature that immediately sets the ATEC Casey Pro apart from other high performance machines is its state-of-the-art micro adjustment feature that gives you pin point control for every type of pitch. With these micro-adjusters, you can adjust pitches in specific increments to train the player for every type of pitch, accurately to each segment of the strike zone. Lock in the micro-adjuster to an exact location for repetitive training or mix it up for simulating real game situations.

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The micro adjusters can be used to adjust height in a 36” range and horizontally in an 18” range. Just turn the knob and throw the pitch mere inches from your previous ball to master every real game possibility. Position indicators allow you to index pitch locations and changes and make pin point control easy.

Variable speed control

Packed with power that can throw balls with velocities as high as 110 mph, the ATEC Casey Pro is meant to “train you for play down”, which means your opponent’s #1 will look like #4. The fastest ball ever recorded in MLB history is 105 mph; hence, with faster than normal game speeds, this machine will make actual games seem easier and slower.

Throws every type of pitch imaginable

With micro-adjusters that lets you adjust pitch height in a 36” range and horizontally in an 18” range along with further precision created by a center-of-gravity design that can make the machine rotate 360 degrees horizontally and 120 degrees vertically, the machine can throw every type of pitch imaginable from fastballs and sliders to knuckleballs. The center of gravity design allows for easy switching between off speeds and breaking balls.

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Great for practicing defensive drills

Hitting a breaking ball is only part of the game. The ATEC Casey Pro is not only meant for batting practice but is known as the top defensive training machine as well and can be easily converted to throw fly balls, grounders and pop-ups for infield and outfield drills. It will do extensive wall drills with each outfielder and then complete a full infield practice to make the team fully ready on game day.

Throws dimpled balls and real leather baseballs

The machine does not only work well with yellow dimpled balls but with real leather baseballs as well without causing any damage to the ball.


The ATEC Casey Pro 3G is trusted by Major League Baseball as their official pitching machine. But that’s not the only thing to brag about. It is used by professionals and teams everywhere and tops the list of best baseball pitching machines available. Baseball players love it for its accuracy, consistency and power, which is totally unparalleled.

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Pros of the ATEC Casey Pro 3G

  1. It has high quality and sturdy built with powder coat finish that doesn’t make the machine rust easily and makes it last for a lifetime
  2. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty so you’ll be rest assured that your investment is safe.
  3. The machine comes with rollers that make it easy to move the machine, meaning you don’t have to carry it.
  4. Quick release legs makes it easy to move around.
  5. Micro-adjusters and position indicators make it very easy to control the ball and adjust pitch locations.
  6. It is compatible with an auto ball feeder and a remote control for solo practice.
  7. It can throw every type of pitch imaginable and can easily switch between off speeds and breaking balls.
  8. Its unique design doesn’t make it seem obvious what type of pitch is coming, hence it really challenges the players.
  9. Its ultra-fast head adjusters make it very quick and easy to adjust pitch locations, speeds, and types.
  10. It can be easily used on field with a 1200 W generator bought separately.
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  1. It’s quite expensive and might be a lot more than an individual player can afford. The price shoots up even more with a generator for on-field power and laser sites to allow more precision and accuracy.
  2. Although it has speeds up to 100 mph, the ball gets really wild above 80 mph.


Simply put, no machine can be as precise, accurate, and consistent and gives you as many options as the ATEC Casey Pro 3G. This one is meant for serious players who really want to take their baseball skills to the next level. Although it’s pricey at $2,300, it is truly worth investing in. Plus, with lifetime warranty, your investment will be in safe hands.

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