How to choose the proper sunglasses

The sun is no joke. It can without a doubt impede your ability to make big plays during a game of baseball. That’s why wearing sunglasses is so vital. Now as you can imagine, there are a ton of different style glasses you can purchase to wear during baseball games. Some are considered to be the best for the game while others are what certain baseball players prefer. Either way, there are 5 things I want you to look at when picking out baseball sunglasses.

Tip #1 – Make Sure They Fit Properly

When you are running around on the field you need sunglasses that will stay on your head. Because of this baseball sunglasses are usually make with adjustable nose pieces. This allows you to make sure the sunglasses fit nice and snug on your face. Nike, Oakley and Under Armour provide these types of sunglasses.

Tip #2 – Make Sure You Have The Right Tint

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Dark tint lenses are a no go. If you have a hard time seeing what good are the glasses? You have to be able to see the hitter. This is especially true if he is hitting from a shadow. When you are playing the game there may be different lighting conditions that come up. For example, it could be cloudy outside. If this is the case just pop in an orange lens and you will be good to go. If its sunny outside you will need a darker lens. Some players will choose to have two different pairs of glasses on hand while others will use the kind with an interchangeable lens.

Tip #3 – Decide Whether You Want To Use Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses are great as they help cut down on the glare when its a sunny day out. However, many players say this type of sunglasses messes with depth perception. I am not sure as I have never worn them. You of course would have to try them for yourself to see if this is the case for you.

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Tip #4 – Flip Ups or Regular Sunglasses?

Another thing you will need to decide on is whether or not you want flip up sunglasses or regular sunglasses. Both options work great so its really all a matter of preference. Flip sunglasses are easier to get off which is why some baseball players prefer them. However, with some many sport specific sunglasses being made these days flip sunglasses have lost quite a bit of their popularity.

Tip #5 – How Do They Look?

Last but not least you want to consider the look of the sunglasses. While you are not trying to be mister cool guy on the baseball field, you still want a pair of sunglasses that look nice.

These are just 5 simple tips you can use to help you find the best baseball sunglasses. But when it boils down to it these are just tips. The best baseball sunglasses are the ones that work best for you. So do a little research and find a pair you like.

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