Rawlings Renegade Softball Glove Series Review

The Renegade Glove Series is a full grain leather glove for softball players that will serve you well and for long. It comes with 80% break-in, and so a player only needs to work on the remaining 20%. This fantastic glove features a conventional back, cushioned palm and fingers, Speed Trap Tech, an adjustable Velcro Strap on the wrist, and it also has a flexible pocket.

Features and Design

  • Material: Rawlings uses oil-tanned full grain leather in constructing the shell on this glove which gives it an impressive performance and durability. Also, the fingers have a brushed nylon material lining for some extra comfort.
  • Conventional Back: This glove comes with a standard back design that also features a wide opening just above the wrist.
  • Break-In: You will not need to do a lot of breaking in because the company does up to 80% of the break-in and so you will only need to do the remaining 20% to make the glove game ready.
  • Cushioned Palm and Fingers: This softball glove has a high-density cushioning on the fingers and palm to protect them from ball impact, and so you will not have to worry about stings when catching the ball.
  • Pocket: The pocket is deep and also very flexible which means that you can use this glove for both softball and baseball.
  • Dexterity: Renegade Glove Series is available in hand orientations for both left and right-hand throwers.
  • Speed Trap Technology: The manufacturer uses Speed Trap Technology in this glove to make it easy to close and open for all players regardless of their hand strength.
  • Velcro Strap: It comes with an adjustable Velcro wrist strap that ensures that you not only get a secure fit but you can also customize it for maximum comfort.
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  • This glove will require minimal break-in.
  • The full grain leather construction makes it very durable
  • Easy to open and close thanks to the Speed Trap design.It has a deep pocket that is also flexible enough.
  • Extra cushioning on the palm and fingers provides more protection from ball impact.
  • The closed web provides more control and stability.
  • It has a conventional open back design for extra comfort and impressive performance.
  • This glove feels soft on your hand, and it molds to it fast.




  • There are a few complaints about the sizes not being right.
  • The laces are not very high-quality.
  • Still not as durable as the other more expensive models and brands.


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Rawlings Renegade Series is a full grain leather glove that comes with a flexible pocket with enough depth to make it ideal for use in softball. Softball players love this glove because if its ease of opening and closing and the fact that most of the break-in happens at the factory and so you have to do little to make it game ready. Although it is still not as long-lasting as the other more expensive brands, it will still serve you for long enough, and this is regardless of how often you use it.

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This glove is always getting positive remarks from players, but there are also some negative ones and some complaints about some issues like the laces not being the best and sizes. But even with the few complaints, the bottom line remains that it is a top notch glove that will help you catch balls well with no sting. And to top it all up, it is very affordable which makes it worth buying and trying out.

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